If you are in need of some organization services, you have many options for a local company. You can go with a company that specializes in residential organizing and relocation, or you can even DIY. If you need a service that combines moving and organizing, check out AKorganizing. They offer a variety of services, from signature organizing to light staging, and donate 10% of their after-tax revenue to local charities. Angela Kantarellis, the company’s founder, has an extensive background in residential real estate. She is a certified professional organizer and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. AKorganizing has even been featured on Forbes.

Genius Organizing

Genius Organizing is a professional organization company located in Brooklyn, New York. This organization works with individuals and families to get organized in their homes. Their services range from complete home organization to system development and file organization. They also offer moving assistance and consultations. They also help with time management, vacation rental preparation, and small business start-ups.

Organizing Zone

The Organizing Zone is a professional organization service that specializes in helping small businesses create a more productive work environment. Its founder, Stephanie Shalofsky, is a Certified Virtual Professional OrganizerTM. Her goal is to help small businesses get back control of their workplaces.

While some people may think that organization is just a one-time thing, it is not. The task of organization is a continuous one. Identifying what you want to keep and what you don’t need is crucial for achieving an organized workspace. A professional organization company specializes in these projects and can help you determine the best way to proceed.