Organic Pink Salt is the more popular of the two salts. All about the Salts Worldwide Pink Salt. Here is some information that is important to know.

For more than fifty years, Salts Worldwide has made the highest quality organic sea salt that the world has ever seen. They use a centuries-old method to produce their finest sea salt.

Every step of their process has been researched and tested by the company. So they guarantee freshness and purity.

Organic Pink Salt Worldwide is just as pure as the best sea salt you can buy anywhere else. But there is one slight problem. Since they dont use the same type of mining as the larger corporations do, they arent willing to throw away their precious commodity.

Their handcrafted salt has the same depth of flavor and natural goodness as the purest sea salt. It is so rich in minerals and vitamins, its like nothing else. It is like a fine wine or fine champagne.

But that isnt all! Normal table salt would be like drinking sea water, but since they arent using the same mining methods as the larger companies, they are able to reduce the waste and save a lot of money on the fuel they would otherwise be using.

Organic Pink Salt Worldwide has increased its production from the millions of pounds they produce each year to the millions of pounds they make each year. The whole experience has been a unique experience for me and for my family.

Over the years we have all found different organic sea salts that we are fond of, but organic Pink Salt is by far our favorite. Some of us find that it is tastier than regular sea salt.

You can only hope that one day organic Salts Worldwide will be able to make new salts. Until then we will continue to enjoy all of the beautiful organic sea salts we have had all these years.

To get your hands on organic Salts Worldwide Sea Salt in any of their products, call them at 800-365-0264. Theyll tell you exactly what products are available and how much they cost.

Many have actually said that they prefer organic pink salt over other salts. If youre looking for a great sea salt and want to live the healthiest life possible, give organic pink salt a try.