For more than 25 years, Nina Ottosson has been designing puzzle toys and games for children and their pets. She started making puzzles for her own children, so that they could have an indoor activity that was stimulating and fun. Nina then expanded her line of puzzle toys to include cats and dogs. Nina Ottosson cat puzzles are designed without any removable parts, making them ideal for any cat or dog lover.


The Nina Ottosson Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Toy is a great toy that stimulates cats’ minds while keeping them active. It encourages your cat’s natural hunting instincts by giving him a variety of activities to complete. Your cat will love to bat at the pegs, swivel leaves, and uncover treats while playing with this toy.

The five-in-one board challenges your cat in five different ways, making it a great exercise for their minds and bodies. It also has non-slip rubber feet to help prevent it from tipping over. A cat that digs will appreciate the different sized tubes that provide extra challenge. The puzzle even has a small spot to deposit food in, making transitions from mealtime to playtime a little easier.

The Nina Ottosson cat puzzle is one of the most popular toys for keeping cats active. Designed by pet toy company Petstages, this cat toy stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts and engages your cat’s brain. The interactive puzzle is designed with different levels of difficulty so your cat can challenge herself at any level. It has been named the Best Interactive Cat Toy by Pet Business. Cat puzzles are essential for keeping cats active.

A puzzle feeder is another great way to keep your cat entertained. It forces your pet to work for treats and can hold up to a quarter cup of food. A puzzle feeder also encourages your cat to eat in a regular, healthy manner. The puzzle keeps your cat busy, while letting them relieve their boredom and get out their pent-up energy.

The Nina Ottosson Mix Max Treat Puzzle is another great option. It features 4 spheres on each corner with holes for treats and a spinning center piece. The center spinning piece has 4 indentations, and looks like an Alisee cross. The spheres are blocked, and your cat must spin them in order to release the treats. This toy is very durable and made of non-toxic plastic.

If your cat is curious and enjoys playing, then the Nina Ottosson Interactive Cat Puzzle is perfect for you. The puzzles are designed to keep your cat’s mind active with their sliding and rotating knobs. They even have teardrop-shaped caps to make the puzzles more fun and challenging for your cat. These puzzles range from the easiest to the most challenging, and can hold up to a quarter-cup of food.

This cat puzzle is highly recommended by veterinarians, and is highly rated on Amazon. It keeps your cat active for hours. Moreover, it’s food-safe and can replace a regular cat feeding bowl. Using a cat puzzle toy to feed your cat can strengthen your bond with your pet.


A Nina Ottosson cat puzzle is an excellent way to keep your feline friend entertained. This interactive toy has 14 compartments to hide treats, a spinning wheel, and treat cups that scoot over each other. There are different difficulty levels, so your cat will have a great time challenging himself or herself. It is also a great way to reduce destructive behavior and keep your feline friend mentally active.

Nina Ottosson cat puzzles are made from food-safe materials, so your feline friend can use them without any danger. This product also comes with a Tips and Tricks information sheet for you to read to ensure your cat stays busy. If your cat is particularly clever, you can challenge him or her by increasing the difficulty level.

A cat puzzle can also help reduce your cat’s food consumption by stimulating his or her natural foraging instincts. These toys can be used instead of the cat bowl and will help to curb your feline’s appetite. It contains 14 hidden compartments, which your cat can use to scavenge for treats. Moreover, these puzzles are made from food-safe materials, and contain no plastic, BPA, or phthalate.


A Nina Ottosson cat puzzle is the perfect activity toy for your furry friend. The puzzle has five distinct challenges that keep your feline friend busy and engaged. Its sturdy rubber feet help keep the puzzle from sliding around the floor and is perfect for your active feline friend. The puzzle also has different sized holes that add a different challenge to your cat’s brain.

This puzzle toy can be a good replacement for a cat’s regular bowl. It encourages the cat’s natural foraging instincts while avoiding overeating. It contains 14 compartments that hold treats and is made of food-safe materials. The puzzle is durable and suitable for all types of cats at different life stages.

Another excellent option for keeping cats active is an interactive feeder. These toys require your cat to hunt for hidden mice or other treats in order to get them. Many of these puzzles have adjustable difficulty levels so you can increase your cat’s difficulty as they get more used to it. Many of these products can also be customized by hiding treats inside the ladybugs or leaves. By providing your feline friend with plenty of interactive playtime, you can help him develop healthy eating habits and keep him entertained.

Another fun toy for cats is a Nina Ottosson cat puzzle. The Nina Ottosson Mix Max Treat Puzzle is designed to provide mental stimulation and keep cats active. The Mix Max Treat Puzzle is made of non-toxic plastic and is suitable for cats that are food-motivated.

The Nina Ottosson cat puzzle is designed to stimulate the natural hunting instincts of your cat and help your feline remain active and happy. Some cats are less active than others and often fall asleep on the couch before waking up and eating. This can be a sign that your cat needs more mental stimulation.

The Nina Ottosson Cat Puzzle is great for cats that are highly intelligent and love puzzles. It contains 14 hidden treat compartments for your cat to explore. The puzzle has an adjustable level of difficulty to keep your cat interested. The puzzle is fun for cats of all ages. This toy can be used as a replacement for a regular cat bowl. It holds up to 1/4 cup of food.

Another fun activity for your feline is to make food puzzles. Cats like to investigate new things. They tend to explore things multiple times. Once they figure out the puzzle, they can start eating and playing with it. If your cat gets bored with the puzzle, they can switch to the easy level and enjoy the treats.