If you have a lot of necklaces, rotating necklace organizers can make it easy to find them. They rotate like a lazy Susan and have different storage styles on each side. This way, you can see every piece of jewelry as you turn the organizer. These are a great way to keep all of your necklaces and other pieces of jewelry in one convenient place.

DIY jewelry organizers

If you have a lot of necklaces and bracelets but don’t have the right place to store them, you can try to create your own jewelry organizer. It’s a great way to organize your jewelry and it’s also very inexpensive. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind while making your own jewelry organizer.

You will need a peg board and a frame. You will also need glue, ribbon, and small hooks. You can also paint the wood if you like. If you don’t want to use a peg board, you can use small wooden tile pieces instead. After that, you can attach the wooden hanger to the wall using screws and glue.

You can also make a DIY jewelry organizer by wrapping chicken wire around it. You don’t have to spend much on the supplies because chicken wire is already inexpensive. This type of jewelry organizer is perfect for people with a limited budget. Another DIY jewelry organizer idea is from Dollar Tree DIY, which uses glass plates to hold your jewelry.

Another great DIY necklace organizer idea is to use a painter’s palette. The palette is an unexpected and fun foundation for organizing your jewelry. You can use it to store your makeup, brushes, jewelry, and extra earring backs.

Modular jewelry organizers

Modular jewelry organizers can be used for storing a wide variety of jewelry. Some of these units feature multiple compartments, accessories poles, or pivoting cabinets. These units are designed to meet the needs of different users. They should allow you to store and display your jewelry easily and neatly.

The acrylic compartments are transparent, so you can easily see your pieces of jewelry. They are lined with linen to protect them from tangles and nicks. The drawers slide out smoothly, and stacking them is simple. For example, two narrow drawers can be placed on top of one large drawer. The drawers also have rubber feet that help them remain stable while you stack them.

Modular jewelry organizers also include earring stands. These stands can be slid into or out of the organizer’s door to allow you to easily view and remove your jewelry. The organizers are designed for maximum portability and are very versatile. Depending on their design, they can be used anywhere in your home. They are also designed to accommodate a variety of different pieces of jewelry. For example, you can buy a modular jewelry organizer for each of your favorite pieces.

If you travel a lot, modular jewelry organizers are an excellent way to organize your pieces and keep them safe. They are waterproof and come in various colors and sizes. You can also monogram them if you want.

Velvet lined jewelry compartments

Velvet-lined jewelry compartments are an excellent way to keep necklaces organized. These holders are available locally and online. They can protect delicate stones and precious metals from scratching. They can also store small accessories, such as earrings and rings. You can find these organizers at many home goods stores.

When choosing a jewelry organizer, consider the length and type of jewelry you collect. Necklaces will need different sized compartments than other types of jewelry. Also, keep in mind that you have to separate everyday jewelry from special occasion jewelry. To prevent tangling, choose a necklace organizer with longer compartments. You can also find organizers with multiple tiers, so you can store several necklaces.

A jewelry box with compartments is another great option. These come with multiple dividers and compartments, so you can keep all of your precious pieces in one place. Some jewelry organizers feature trays for storing rings, earrings, bracelets, and more. The trays come with velvet linings, which keep your pieces safe and accessible.

The perfect travel jewelry organizer is one that features dividers and elasticized velvet pockets. It can protect and store your favorite jewelry while you’re traveling, and it can be displayed in your bedroom as a keepsake. Some of these organizers come in multiple colors, including grey and cream. They are useful, even if they are small in size.

Pull-out necklace organizers

A pull-out necklace organizer is a simple way to keep your jewelry organized and out of sight. These units can be installed into almost any closet or cabinet and hold numerous necklaces. They are often made from velvet and can be backed with a decorative fabric. You can even create your own organizers with a variety of materials.

To build a necklace organizer, you’ll need a frame and peg board, glue, ribbon, small hooks, and spray paint. These components can be found at a local hardware store. Creating a simple organizer is easy, and requires only a few materials. Some necklace holders are made from repurposed sticks that can be hung from a wall using macrame string.

You can also build a jewelry organizer using an inexpensive jewelry rack. This item is very inexpensive to make, and you can also paint it to match the decor of your room. Another simple but elegant solution is to use a mirror as a jewelry organizer. You can also paint the mirror, or cover it with yarn or printed paper for a fashionable look.

You can also purchase a jewelry organizer tray, which functions like a drawer but is lined with cloth instead of a traditional plastic material. While the tray does not provide the same level of protection, it is a great way to keep necklaces organized. You can use this holder in combination with a necklace storage pouch.

Spice rack turned into a necklace holder

A simple spice rack turned into a necklace holder is an inexpensive, functional solution to a storage problem. In addition to displaying your favorite necklaces, you can use this versatile piece to display your favorite books. It can also be painted to match your cabinetry. Turning your spice rack upside down or on its side will also add another layer of interest.

You can turn an old spice rack into a necklace holder by placing a small wooden connector in the center of the rack’s pieces. The end pieces should have the dowel’s hole facing inside, and the wall hanging plate on the back. Next, install the second side piece into the wooden connector on the opposite side. Next, screw the pieces together to finish installing your jewelry holder.

A jewelry holder is a great way to display your favorite necklaces, and is an excellent way to create a small and organized inventory in the modern home. If you’d like to add a little extra style, you can also use a small bulletin board and a piece of burlap linen to complete the look. If you’d like to create a rustic vintage-style necklace rack, you can use barn lumber or recycled driftwood. For a vintage-inspired necklace rack, you can also use a knob from a dresser drawer.

Stacking jewelry organizers

If you have a large collection of jewelry and don’t have enough drawer space to store it all, consider investing in some Stacking Jewelry Trays. These versatile jewelry storage solutions protect all kinds of jewelry and can be arranged by style, function, and size. Some models allow you to slide the upper trays from side to side for easy access to lower trays.

There are two basic types of jewelry organizers: open storage and closed storage. Open storage options include jewelry stands, catchalls, and boxes. Jewelry boxes should be lined to protect pieces with precious metals or semiprecious stones. However, pieces with costume jewelry can be stored out of sight, so long as they’re kept out of reach of dust bunnies and sunlight.

Investing in proper jewelry storage is vital for the protection of your expensive pieces. The best jewelry storage options are easy to clean and safe to keep organized. These organizers also help prevent jewelry theft.

Using a printer’s typeset drawer

If you have a lot of necklaces and are looking for a great jewelry organizer, you may want to consider repurposing an antique printer’s typeset drawer. These vintage drawers have multiple compartments, and are a great place to display your collection. You can find a number of these drawers on Etsy, and the prices vary depending on the condition and how much work is involved in converting them to jewelry organizers.