The American Shorthair is a domestic cat breed, and is believed to have originated in Europe. Early settlers brought them to the American continent to protect valuable cargo from mice and rats. The Cat Fanciers’ Association rates the breed as the eighth most popular pedigreed cat in the world.


The Vans American Shorthair is a variety of shorthair cat that has colored hair on its body, head, legs, and tail. This breed can come in a variety of colors and patterns, such as blue with cream patches, orange with cream, and calico with black spots.

American Shorthairs come in a variety of colors and patterns, including solid colors, diluted colors, and bi-colors. Diluted calicos have patches of red, blue, and cream. Solid colors, like red and blue, should not be shaded. Cats with solid colors, however, should have a solid coat and a distinct color on its face.

Vans calico

A Vans cat is a cat with a predominantly white coat that has a contrasting color somewhere on its body. They can have one or two patches of color on their body, tail, and head. American shorthairs come in a variety of colors and patterns, including blue and cream. Typically, they have gold eyes. American shorthairs are very friendly and playful.


The calico coloration of the American shorthair cat is striking. Unlike tabby cats, caliby cats are prone to having extra X chromosomes in the male – a trait known as XXY syndrome. The extra X chromosome results in males being sterile, and can also cause health issues. These issues include behavioral and cognitive issues, a reduced bone mineral content, and an increased body fat percentage.

The calico cat, or caliby, is a mix of the tabby and calico cat breeds. The male caliby is tabby, and the female caliby has a mix of tabby and calico coloring. The coat pattern of the caliby cat is often characterized by spots and patches. The markings on a caliby cat are often faint and difficult to see, though they are not impossible to identify.

Although a caliby cat is mostly white, it is characterized by distinctive red and black patches on the back and the head. It may also have a prominent “M” marking on its forehead. However, the caliby cat does not have the same markings as a tabby cat, and each one has its own unique patterning.

Calico cats come in many breeds and colors, including the American shorthair caliby, the British shorthair, and the Exotic Shorthair. Some are longhaired, while others are shorthaired and have a fluffy coat. In Japan, the calico is considered lucky, and it is considered good luck.

Calico cats are usually female. The color of their coat is determined by the X chromosome, with the Big o gene dominating over the Little o recessive. The combination of these genes creates a tri-color appearance. Occasionally, they may also exhibit Tabby markings. Although they are not intended to be a mixture of two breeds, the color pattern is often called a “Caliby” coat.