The first thing you want to do is to make sure that the color you use for your natural organic eyeshadow is waterproof. Most eye shadows tend to fade with water and get really dirty in this manner. That can leave a mark on your eyes, depending on how bad the stain is.


You will also want to select a particular eyeliner brush for applying the color to your eyes. You do not want to smear the color on because it will not stick. The ideal one is going to be a bent eyeliner brush.

Next, the color is going to have to be very gentle on your eyelids so you are going to want to use a particular eyeliner brush. The brush is going to have rounded ends, so you can grab them and move them without your eyelid moving. This gives you the leverage you need to apply the color without making too much of a mess on your eyelids.

The idea is to use a natural organic eyeliner brush, because they are made of natural fibers that do not irritate the skin around your eyes. If you use an artificial eyeliner brush, you can irritate the eyes and cause irritation or even inflammation.

You should also have the right shade of eye shadow for your natural organic eyeliner brush. This will help to make the eyeshadow last longer in the pot and out on the skin.

When you use an eyelid brush to apply the eye shadow, be sure that you press down with your finger rather than holding the brush in your hand. This will help to get the color in your eyes and to make the area smoother.

Do not apply your eyeshadow directly onto the lids, unless it is very sheer. You want to blend it out over the top of the eyelid. You also do not want to have any of the shadow show through the outer crease.

Again, you do not want to use an eyelid brush to apply your natural organic eyeliner brush. You want to use the straight side of the eyeliner brush.

It helps to use the tip of the brush. When you use a synthetic eyeliner brush, you get some drag and will end up smudging your eyelid. However, when you use a natural eyeliner brush, the bristles of the brush are small and you can use it to smooth out the skin around your eyes.

Also, a natural eyeliner brush will make applying the eye shadow a lot easier. Just remember that the brow bone is very sensitive and does not blend as well as the skin around the eye.

You do not want to use a synthetic, natural eyeliner brush to apply your natural organic eyeliner brush. There is a special kind of synthetic brush that is designed to blend well with the natural skin.

When you are blending the eyeshadow with your natural eyeliner brush, it helps to use the corner of the eye and just gently smudge it on the eyelid. This makes a natural line.