Western Trillium – Trillium – Wakerobin

Trillium ovatum Pursh is a plant that is a part of the of the Lily Family. It only has one stem and its perennial has a smooth surface. It will grow to be about 2.5 feet tall. The leaves do not have stalks, there are only three leaves altogether, and they whorl around a single flower. In the months between February and June the flower will bloom on top of the stem and sepal. The flower itself only has three petals as well, along with the three green, small sepals below the flower petals, the petals turn from white to rosie pink as it ages.

Western Trillium

You can find Trillium shady and/or moist forests, banks by streams, and redwood forests. In Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, California, central to northern coastal ranges, and Cascade Mountains.

The roots are used to help stop bleeding from the respiratory tract, uterine, and urinary tract. The roots are used externally for issues of the skin. Native American tribes use the roots to help during childbirth, to help ease pain and focus. A poultice can be made to help heal boils.

Western Trillium 3

WARNING: Rhizomes that are fresh are acrid and intense which can cause you to vomit and have nausea.