Laura Eubanks is an award-winning designer of succulents

If you’re looking for succulents for your garden, Laura Eubanks’ designs are just the ticket. Her succulents are all about up-close and personal, and her work has a certain snuggle factor. The award-winning designer has become a popular resource in the succulent gardening world, and has a large following on social media. Her videos are popular, too, with millions of views on YouTube. She’s an engaging speaker and has a knack for delivering tips and tricks.

Creating succulent gardens is Laura Eubanks’s passion. The award-winning designer of succulents is known for her unique aesthetics. Her signature designs incorporate succulents and are considered living art. She also hosts DIY series on Facebook and YouTube, and has thousands of followers on both platforms. Her videos feature her adorable dog Bentley, which is featured in a few of her videos.

The craze for succulents began when millennials started getting their hands dirty. A National Gardening Association study found that the “millennial food gardener” population was up from 8 million to 13 million people in just five years. Many millennials started growing succulents in their own gardens because they were cheap and low-maintenance.

Succulents have long been used as medicinal plants in ancient times. Today, their use has grown to include everything from food to dye sources. They have also become fixtures of religious ceremonies. Succulents are now ubiquitous. They are not only a great way to save water, but also to create a gorgeous living space.

She grew up in a state of near constant abuse

Laura Eubanks’s childhood was traumatic. She was subjected to near-constant abuse and dissociation, and as a result, suffered severe psychological damage. When she was 20, Laura married Greg Eubanks, who helped her to heal. But when her father died, she suffered a major breakdown. She spent time in a mental hospital, and turned to gardening for peace and quiet.

Her succulents sell for up to $50 a piece

In the United States, Laura Eubanks’ succulents can sell for $50 or more per piece. The artist started out by planting succulents in containers. She later added moss and decorated them with glue. She has also created succulents on napkin rings. Eubanks likes to group succulents together and crowd them close together. She likes to group them according to color, texture, and size.

Succulents aren’t only beautiful, but they’re also affordable. Eubanks gets her plants at various hardware stores and places in San Marcos, such as the Rocks and Boulders Depot. She also prefers to buy succulent plants because they’re inexpensive and reproduce quickly. And unlike many other plants, succulents can be propagated from cuttings. This means that you won’t have to spend hours working in the garden.

In addition to being popular with the gardening community, succulents are gaining popularity among influencers. The vibrant colors, crafty versatility, and mesmerizing shapes of succulents made them a hot commodity. Succulent-centric Instagram accounts have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. And thanks to the internet, succulents are now available at various retailers.

Laura Eubanks is a popular succulent artist with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. She’s also an award-winning landscape designer. She runs her own landscaping company, Design For Serenity, and has a self-titled YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to her newsletter for updates on her latest projects and get a free online course to learn more about growing and caring for succulents.

Her succulents are available at Amazon

One of the best places to find succulents is Amazon. The online retailer works with more than 1,000 sellers to bring succulents to customers’ homes. You can find a wide selection of succulent plants on its website, and you can even order a succulent plant to be delivered to your doorstep in two days. If you’re new to succulents, you should consider purchasing one of Eubanks’ succulent books.

Succulents are not for the faint of heart. Unlike many other plants, succulents can survive long periods of drought. They have built-in water reserves, and they can survive long journeys. In fact, most succulents come from hot, dry climates, so they were cultivated by early collectors who wanted to replicate those conditions in their gardens.

Succulents are also becoming increasingly popular among millennials. According to one study, the number of millennials who garden for food rose from eight million to 13 million in five years. Moreover, a survey by the National Gardening Survey found that 5 million of the 6 million Americans who took up a plant-related hobby in 2015 were millennials. As a result, succulents became a popular choice among apartment dwellers who wanted to grow plants that would require minimal maintenance.

A great way to display succulents is in a pretty tin pail. Using a mini pot, you can plant succulents in it to fill the space below the pail’s handles. You can also hang succulents using jute rope to create a festive centerpiece. Another idea is to place succulents in old shoes. The succulents are placed next to a nativity scene or a Christmas village.

A beautiful succulent centerpiece will last for months after an event. They can tolerate many different types of soil. Just be sure to provide good drainage. A cactus is an easy houseplant and a succulent cutting can be taken care of the same way as a fully-grown kalanchoe.

Her succulents are sold at Altman Plants

Altman Plants has a huge greenhouse in California that grows tens of millions of plants every year. A typical grower will have three to five acres dedicated to production. They also run distribution and wholesale nurseries in several states. They employ three thousand people, maintain a continuous rotation of new plant releases, and have two in-house plant breeders.

Succulents are multipurpose plants that retain water. They are increasingly popular in 2018, and can be seen everywhere. In addition to being sold at Altman Plants, they are being used in Airbnbs, wedding bouquets, activewear ads, and even restaurants around the world. They have even taken their place in Instagram posts and have become a staple of the plant world.

While Laura Eubanks may have been in the succulent landscape design business for six years, her methods remain brutal. She’ll often cut off the succulent’s roots, then break it into small clusters and weave them together. Another favorite technique she uses is to spray succulents with glue and let nature take its course.

Succulents are a popular choice for wedding florals. Their ability to last without soil and water is a huge selling point. Many floral designers are now wiring rootless rosettes onto faux stems and using them in fancy-pants bouquets. Succulents are incredibly versatile and can be used over again for wedding florals and more.