The kelimcoons maine coan cattery is a wonderful place to find a great new pet. In addition to kittens and adult studs, the kennel also offers show cats and stud services. The owners are dedicated to raising healthy and happy pets, so you can rest assured that they are doing everything they can to provide the best experience possible.

kelimcoons cattery

The Kelimcoons Maine Coon Cattery is a private business that offers a great place for your beloved pet to stay and play. Designed by Bruce Berg, this cattery offers indoor and outdoor areas for both the cats and their owners. Its interior features spacious areas for hanging out, a grooming room, isolation pen, and luxury stud quarters. It also includes amenities such as sofas and access to outdoor areas.

kelimcoons kittens

Kelimcoons Maine Coon Cattery offers a great environment for your kittens to grow up in. They have two separate, large fenced-in areas at the back of their home that provide fresh air and sunshine. One area is a screened-in upper deck and the other is an enclosed, separate fenced-in area. They can come and go from these areas using the kitty door.

Maine Coon Cats are known for their intelligence and lovable disposition. They are friendly with children and can charm anyone nearby. They can also be very curious and want to be a part of your daily activities. It may be beneficial to keep a door between you and your cat so that they do not disturb your space. Maine Coon Cats also love water, and may try to sneak in the shower or wash their food in it.

Another place to buy a Maine Coon cat is from a breeder. There are several breeders in the United States. Maine Coons are bred for health, beauty, and sweet temperament. Some breeders are located in Connecticut. Another breeder of Maine Coons is Hibou Cats, which is a CFA registered cattery in Ontario.

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The main cattery of Kelimcoons features large indoor and outdoor areas, and the stud cats live in luxury quarters. They have a screened in upper deck and separate fenced in areas below. Several cats enjoy the great outdoors.

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In addition to the beautiful home they call home, Kelimcoons Maine Coons also offer two large fenced-in areas at the back of the cattery. Each area has a screened-in upper deck, with a separate fenced-in area below. The kitties also have access to fresh air and sunshine through a kitty door. These spaces give Maine Coons the freedom to explore the great outdoors.