A large amount of studies give a suggestion that garlic helps to stop cell change that leads to cancer. They can even destroy some already formed cancer cells! In these studies people ate less than a clove of garlic a day and it was shown, that it helped to cut the risk of getting prostate cancer by about half.

In Iowa, a study of women showed, those who ate garlic weekly were, roughly, one third less likely to get cancer of the colon compared to those who never ate it.

In China they had studies that suggest garlic reduces incidences of getting cancer of the stomach by a factor of 12. In laboratories, there is evidence that cancer in the breast, lung, and skin can be shrunk by garlic.

No one is 100% of what it is in garlic that produces these amazing results. It is thought that diallyltrisulfide, a chemical found in garlic, is a huge factor in killing cancer cells. Also it seems that allicin and other compounds found in garlic are effective against tumors directly. It has been found that garlic neutralizes free radicals, dangerous molecules that cause cell change and give way to cancer cells. So, the next time you put garlic in your food, remember you are doing something incredibly healthy and helpful for your body.