Is Pink Himalayan Salt Iodized? No, it is not! It is believed that the International Mineralogical Association is not labeling all salts, but only a few salts used in homeopathic medicine. Not only is it not iodized but the Salt is considered an antiseptic and often used to clean wood or fabrics.

The salt used for water, usually using other elements, is commonly sprinkled on surfaces that are contaminated with water to kill bacteria. At times the salt will even disinfect water by eliminating all bacteria. The salt kills all bacteria, viruses, mold and algae, fungus and protozoa.

When purchased, the salt is brought to the home and added to water. Usually this is done using a large plastic measuring cup. You can also purchase the salt already mixed.

Once the salt is mixed into water it should be added to a container. This container can be placed in the refrigerator to keep it cool. After mixing, the mixture can be poured into the containers of your choice.

There are several different types of salt to choose from. Different colored salts can be used depending on the recipes being used. Many recipes call for the use of black or brown colored salts.

The used of pink Himalayan salt in recipes is not standard. It is just another name for salt of color.

Other uses for the salt is to apply the same properties to fabric to make it white. Once the fabric has been soaked in the salt, it can be washed by hand. It is important that you do not wash fabric that has been soaked in the salt because it may react with the colors.

There are many who believe that the pink salt used for treating water has the ability to treat even more diseases. As an alternative to the iodized salt, this is one of the most popular salt used.

Iodized salt contains small particles of metal that the body does not need or want. Also the iodine increases the toxicity of the salt.

Pink salt does not contain the harmful ions of the same size as the metal. They have no affect on the system as the iodine does.

Pink salt is a natural healing element and offers many benefits. Because of the different properties of the two, some are more known than others.

However, pink salt has been used for centuries as a home remedy. Another use for pink salt is to help one who is ill with any form of a skin problem. It helps alleviate the itching and burning sensation of the skin.