Before sending money to an online cattery, you should check their contact information. Legitimate catteries will have a general contact form and be open about fees. If they do not, the site may be a scam. They may also ask for more money than they originally stated.

Order Now or Free Shipping is a scam

Be aware that “Order Now” and “Free Shipping” advertisements are scams. These companies are using fake names and companies’ logos in an attempt to get your money. They often send fake order confirmation notices asking you to review or cancel your order. They may even say that your order has already been shipped or that the price has changed. If you respond to these fake notices, you risk revealing your credit card information.

Signs that a cattery is not registered with an official feline registration organization

A big red flag to look for is a cattery that is not registered with an official feline registration group. Registration is required for cats, and a professional cattery will list the surnames of the catteries from which their lines came. This information will allow you to research which cats came from where, and whether the offspring of those cats will reproduce.