IKEA has everything you need to organize your home, from decorative storage items to multifunctional storage ideas. A new year is the perfect time to get your house in order, and IKEA has the solutions for all your needs. Check out their beautiful images for storage solutions, and get ready to organize your home this year!


IKEA’s SKADIS home-organization system includes a variety of accessories to keep your space organized and tidy. These accessories include hooks, shelving, trays, elastic cords, and containers with lids. The SKADIS system also includes plastic hooks to store gift-wrapping rolls, tape, and other small items.

Skadis’ pegboard is extremely versatile, and you can customize it to hold just about anything you want to store. It can be mounted on a wall or can stand alone. It also has accessories such as letter holders, tool holders, and elastic cords to help you hang items.

IKEA has 16 products for home organization. For small kitchens, you may want to invest in a kitchen island. This will maximize counter space and help you store cookware and food items. It also gives you additional counter space for prepping.


The RAGRUND home organization system is a great way to get organized without having to scrounge up extra space. The system consists of 16 home organization products that can help you create a functional, organized space. For instance, a RAGRUND towel rack chair with a high back and shelf underneath can help you store extra towels, washcloths, and other skincare products. Another great idea is the SKADIS pegboard, which fits perfectly into a cupboard and is also ideal for keeping small items organized. The pegboard has space for succulents, which look especially lovely in a bathroom.

Another great home organization solution is a RAGRUND bamboo corner shelf. It can hold towels, baskets, and other small toiletries. The bamboo shelf also provides a place to put away cleaning products.

IKEA’s Omar series

If you’re looking for shelving units that are customizable and offer plenty of space for storage, IKEA’s Omar series of products is a great choice. They’re ideal for kitchens and have features such as bamboo shelf liners and metal baskets. They also feature durable steel construction. The shelves are easy to assemble, and can accommodate a variety of items.

IKEA has many products that can help you organize your space. They have shelves, closet organizers, and craft tables for kids. These items are customizable and can even be used in the office. Some are even available in different sizes so you can fit them wherever you need them.

IKEA Trofast

The IKEA Trofast is a versatile piece of home organization furniture. Its wide top is perfect for storage, but also doubles as a bench or reading corner. The sturdy wooden frame is sturdy enough to support the weight of a child, and you can add pillows, soft blankets, and padding to make it extra comfortable. You can also use it as a study desk. You can also combine two Trofast pieces to make one larger table surface.

The IKEA Trofast system is a popular choice for kids’ playrooms. The low-profile design allows for easy access to favorite books for little ones. The bins are easy to put in and remove as needed. They’re great for toy storage, too!


The PAX home organization system features many interior storage options for your home. Its slanted shoe shelves and pull-out trays are ideal for shoes and accessories. The trays are also perfect for keeping keys and other accessories. You can even find a pull-out tray with soft felt insert for shoes.

You can even customize your PAX closet system with various finishes and wood tones to match your room decor. The systems are highly practical for long walk-in closets. Some of them have a mirror on the end that makes the whole thing look dressy. Even if your closet space is small and cramped, you can still make the most of its space.

IKEA Kallax

The IKEA Kallax home organization system includes a storage shelf, bookshelf row, and display row. This versatile system is easy to assemble and comes with several custom options. The unit’s clean, modern look blends well with other IKEA furniture pieces. The system can be moved to different rooms and requires little wall space.

The IKEA Kallax system is ideal for homes with limited space. It’s inexpensive and versatile, and it’s perfect for storage. It can be used to store toys and other items, or as a desk and workstation. You can also transform the cubes into a storage cabinet or desk.

If space is limited in your kitchen, you can use the Kallax kitchen island as a second benchtop. You can also add hidden storage space with Kallax cupboard door inserts. This helps minimize the risk of things falling out of the shelves.

IKEA Trofast hack

IKEA Trofast is a child-friendly storage solution that turns any room into a tidy, organized space. The sturdy frame and detachable box allow you to use the Trofast for many purposes. As a result, it’s become an important part of home organization.

You can use the versatile storage space as a work space, too. Its large size allows you to store more work equipment. The Trofast also has a mini kitchen table that can double as a table for storing cutlery. Another IKEA Trofast hack for home organization is using it as a staircase. The wide top can also be used as a bench or reading nook.

This is a great idea if you have small children or a toddler. Instead of keeping your small children’s toys on a shelf, you can make the toys part of your home decor. This hack can even be used as a play area for toddlers.

IKEA bookcases

If you’re looking for a simple, space-saving way to organize your home, IKEA bookcases are an excellent choice. These units are designed to fit awkward corners, tight hallways, and other spaces, and they’re also great for displaying decorative pieces. This brand’s bookcases are very versatile and have gained a reputation for being popular and functional.

Billy bookcases are IKEA’s most popular shelving units. They are so popular that some models have glass doors, which add a touch of glam. According to Julie Naylon, a professional organizer, these shelving units are a great choice for maximizing your storage space.

IKEA spice racks

Spice racks from IKEA are a great way to organize your kitchen and home. They have a small footprint and can easily fit into a narrow cabinet. They also have clear plastic tiers, so you won’t have to worry about obscuring the labels. They are also affordable and very durable. However, some people might find them to be too tall for some cupboards.

Another great use for IKEA spice racks is as desk organizers. You can paint the racks bright colors for a playful look. You can also use them in your child’s room to display books. This DIY-friendly project allows you to use your child’s favorite books and stuffed animals on the shelves.

IKEA cabinet organizers

IKEA cabinet organizers are a great way to organize your kitchen. Unlike other brands, IKEA organizers fit perfectly. The company provides a handy guide for measuring drawer widths. These organizers are easy to install and will provide plenty of storage space. These organizers are available in several styles and sizes.

The SEKTION system offers drawer-in-drawer storage with many storage options and is compatible with different design themes. It also has numerous pullouts, making it easy to customize your storage space. For instance, you could install a pullout spice rack in your laundry room. You can also use IKEA organizers for base cabinets to customize the space of your cabinetry.