You can make the best of your linen closet if you implement a few ideas to organize it. Start by determining your priorities. Get rid of items that are damaged or old, and store only what is essential. You can also reorganize your closet by storing related items nearby. It might be useful to put items in different categories.


A great way to organize a linen closet is to purchase storage bins. These are designed to keep items separated by category. The best option is one made of 100% brushed cotton twill, which is highly durable and can transform the look of your linen closet. Experts recommend buying coordinating linen storage bins for a cohesive look.

To get the most out of your closet organization efforts, start by assessing the number of items you have. Then, decide what should be stored where. For example, if you have a linen closet in the bathroom, you should place towels on the top shelves. For the rest of your closet, you should place seasonal linens on the bottom or top shelves.

Another way to organize a linen closet is by using clear storage bins. These are great for organizing linens because they allow you to see what’s inside. These are also useful for keeping your iron and ironing board together. You can also buy wire baskets to store miscellaneous items.

Bins can also be used to organize bathroom accessories. Some linen closet organizers come with shelves and a utility board to put small accessories. Other options include using wire baskets that hang from the back of a linen closet door. Then, you can fill these baskets with accessories and other small items. To make your closet look even more attractive, you can also buy water hyacinth bins. These are perfect for storing hand towels or larger linens and are easily accessible.

You can also use the linen closet to store your personal care items. For example, your linen closet can house your medications, first aid items, and tissues. You can also store these items in see-through plastic bins. This will help you organize your linen closet in a more orderly fashion.

For those who own several beds, using storage bins is a smart way to corral several sets of sheets. Peterson recommends that you keep two sets of sheets per bed and that you purchase them in different colors to distinguish between sets. In addition to storing your linens in storage bins, you can also store them in a vacuum-storage bag.

Another way to organize linens is to fold them. This will maximize available space. Folding linens helps to save shelf space and prevent creases. Folding them vertically can also help you to avoid frustration when pulling out items from a stack. In addition to folding your linens, you can also use the vacuum-sealing method to shrink bulkier bedding and flannel sheets.

You can also use under-the-shelf baskets to maximize linen closet space. These are especially useful if you have multiple shelves in the closet. These will allow you to organize items more efficiently. This will also make it easier for you to find items.


Shelves are a great way to organize linen closets. They can store all kinds of things and can also help you keep things neat and tidy. You can choose a particular color for your shelves or a similar style for the rest of your closet. You can also use baskets to organize linens, and these can easily be moved side-to-side.

When choosing the proper shelves for your linen closet, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the storage space. For example, if your linen closet is located in the bathroom, store towels and bedding on the bathroom shelf. If you have overnight guests, set aside a shelf specifically for their use.

When choosing storage units, make sure they are clearly labeled. This will make it easy to find and sort through the items you’ve stored. You should also put the items you use most frequently at the front of the closet. This way, you’ll have a clear understanding of what each bin contains. This also makes it easier to reorganize the bins and move them whenever you need to. The bottom line is that you can get the best results by using containers that are the right size for your linen closet.

Regardless of the size of your linen closet, it’s important to keep the space clean. It’s also a good idea to create zones and categories for different items. For example, you may want to have separate zones for pillows and blankets, as well as for cleaning products. Then, you can easily identify what you’re looking for by sorting your items by category.

To maximize the space in your linen closet, consider using bins to store bulky items. You can also use lidded bins for this purpose. Don’t fill each bin completely. If you have odd-shaped items, you can also place them on the floor. If you’re looking to add some aesthetic value to your linen closet, consider adding some wallpaper.

When organizing a linen closet, remember to consider the items you use the most. For example, you may want to place seasonal linens on a separate shelf. These items are usually not used for more than a year. You may also want to have separate shelves for your cleaning supplies. However, these are typically harder to reach.

One good way to keep things organized in your linen closet is by using color-coded shelves. Color-coding your shelves allows you to distinguish between items in the same color. It also gives you the option to label items by room or by the person who uses them. By doing this, you’ll ensure that the items you need are easily accessible.

Before you can organize your linen closet, you need to decide what items you’re going to keep and what items you can get rid of. Then, sort the linens into smaller piles based on their colors, sizes, and condition.

Storage bins

To keep your linen closet organized, you can use storage bins and baskets. Clear containers are ideal because they allow you to see what’s inside. Wire baskets and clear plastic containers work well for miscellaneous items. The bottom line is to choose containers that fit your space and style.

Whether you have a small linen closet or a large closet, storage bins are essential. Wire shelf dividers can be used to create individual spaces for your linens. Alternatively, you can hang wire baskets from the back of your linen closet door. You can fill these with small items like towels. You can also choose water hyacinth bins to organize larger linens. These bins are also easy to label so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Storage bins are also useful for storing your spare bedding. Rather than throwing out the blankets every time you want to use them, you can put them in bins by function or by season. You can also use vacuum storage bags to store your linens. Unlike plastic bags, vacuum storage bags are easy to keep clean and dry.

A linen closet can be an eyesore if you don’t keep it organized. Guests may struggle to find matching sheets or hand towels. Or they may struggle to find the softest pillow. A small linen closet will require more organization than a large one, so consider using storage bins and baskets to keep your linen closet looking neat. The effort you put into organizing your linen closet can pay off in the long run.

If you’re short on space and need more storage space, consider an over-the-door organizer. These organizer systems have five rigid pockets with clear windows. They can hang on your closet door without the need for tools, and they can be easily moved to another room. And they’re reusable too, which makes them an ideal choice for people with small closets.