When looking for a high-quality cat food, you may want to consider IAMS. There are several factors to consider before buying this product: price, nutritional value, Recalls, and ingredient list. Read on to find out more. Also, keep in mind the recommended feeding amounts. Your cat’s weight, age, activity level, and temperament will determine the amount you should feed him. Generally speaking, a cat weighing four kilograms should receive three pouches divided into two meals per day.


A good way to gauge the quality of a cat food is to check the ingredients. Some manufacturers are hesitant to share the ingredients, while others are more than happy to do so. The ingredients list on IAMS cat food is not as complete as those on other brands, but it’s still a good starting point. The first thing to know about IAMS is that it is a brand owned by Mars, Inc. (the European branch is owned by Spectrum Brands). The company was founded in 1946 by Paul Iams, a self-taught animal nutritionist from Ohio. He started out with dry dog food and eventually expanded to cat food.

IAMS Adult Dry Cat Food is especially designed for adult cats with sensitive digestion. It contains high-quality protein in the form of turkey. It is also high in prebiotics, which promote a healthy skin and fewer allergic reactions in your cat. It also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.

The company is committed to providing healthy pet food that is also humane. Most of its pet foods are made in the United States, with manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Coevorden, Netherlands. The company has a rigorous food safety program that meets or exceeds FDA and USDA standards. Additionally, Iams has received superior ratings from the American Institute of Baking (AIB), which rates the company’s products on food safety. It is also a member of the Mars Responsible Sourcing program, which uses third-party risk assessments to choose ethical suppliers.

While Iams has received mostly positive customer reviews, the company has come under fire at least twice in recent history. When videos of the company’s research facilities were released, thousands of people began boycotting the company. Iams eventually cut ties with the Sinclair Research Center.

Nutritional value

IAMS ProActive Health Healthy Adult with Chicken is a highly nutritious cat food that meets the nutritional guidelines set by the AAFCO. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has been evaluating pet foods since 1946. The nutritional profile of this cat food is based on the ingredients listed on the label. The first ingredient is Chicken, which is a domesticated bird meat that is used as a primary source of protein. The second ingredient is chicken by-product meal, which is created by grinding and baking parts of the chicken. This ingredient is not intended for human consumption, but is a popular ingredient in cat foods.

IAMS Proactive Health Dry Cat Food contains a specific blend of nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of your cat. It is easy to digest and won’t upset your cat’s stomach. It also contains an optimal protein-to-fat ratio. It also contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Healthy Adult Dry Cat Food contains a variety of ingredients that support the body and promote a high level of energy to keep them active. It also contains beet pulp and prebiotics for a healthy immune system and seven essential nutrients for a healthy heart.


If you’re shopping for a healthy cat food for your pet, you’ll want to make sure that the food you purchase is priced fairly. Prices for Iams cat food are comparable to other mid-level brands. The higher-end varieties, such as the Perfect Portions, are more expensive than the lower-end varieties. However, you should also consider that the lower-priced varieties may contain ingredients that are inexpensive and unnecessary.

The IAMS brand is an American company, with manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Nebraska, and North Carolina. It also has a European division in Drenthe, Netherlands. Paul Iams, the company’s founder, first created the brand in 1946. Since then, Iams has expanded its product line to include cat foods.

IAMS Proactive Health cat food starts with chicken, a quality animal protein source. This ingredient contributes to the minimum 30% crude protein content for indoor cat foods. It also contains L-Carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid that helps cats burn fat and maintain their weight.

This dry food is high in fiber and is a great choice for adult cats. Its protein-to-fat ratio is perfect for the digestive system, and it won’t upset your cat’s stomach. It also contains multiple vitamins and minerals. It’s a great choice for cats who are overweight or have urinary tract issues.


A recent recall involving Iams cat food has many consumers concerned. Some products were contaminated with euthanizing agent, which can cause a cat to die. This has resulted in the company voluntarily recalling a limited supply of wet cat food. The company is working with veterinarians and the FDA to determine the exact cause of the recall and to prevent it from happening again. However, as with any product, consumers should still use their best judgment when choosing a cat food.

A recent recall of Iams canned cat food in North America has raised questions about the safety of the food. The company has recalled a total of 60 million cans of food. The recalled products were manufactured by a contract manufacturer for the company, Menu Foods. The company claims that no illnesses have been reported, but advises people to throw out the food immediately and contact their veterinarian if they notice any symptoms.

Another recall involves Iams dry cat food. Proctor and Gamble has voluntarily recalled certain lots of Iams Veterinary Formula Feline Renal in 5.5-pound bags. It is unknown how many bags are affected by the recall, but the company warns pet owners to thoroughly wash their hands after handling cat food.

The company cites health concerns after discovering that its cat foods contain meat by-products. The company’s products are not in compliance with federal law and FDA guidelines, and many consumers have been left with subpar food options for their beloved pets. As a result, the company is currently conducting tests to determine whether the contaminated food poses a health risk. Until further notice, consumers should carefully review the ingredients list on all cans of Iams dry cat food.

Iams is a subsidiary of Mars Inc. and has manufacturing plants in the United States and Europe. Its research center is based in Ohio, where veterinarians and scientists study pet nutrition. The IAMS Europe division has a manufacturing plant in Coevorden, Netherlands.

Price of iams healthy cat food

The company IAMS produces indoor cat food in the United States. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Ohio, North Carolina and Nebraska. They also have a European division in Drenthe, Netherlands. The company was founded by Paul F. Iams in the 1940s. He was a self-taught animal nutritionist from Ohio. He developed the first dry dog food and later expanded his business into the cat food market.

The price of Iams healthy cat food is comparable to that of other mid-level brands. Dry food will cost around $0.30 per day, while wet food will cost approximately $1.62. The food is available in different portions, so it’s important to remember to calculate how much food you need to feed your cat each day.

IAMS is highly recommended by veterinarians, and their food provides tailored nutrition for adult cats. The company makes wet and dry cat foods in several varieties, including Iams ProActive Health, Purrfect Delights, and Perfect Portions. Each of these varieties contains chicken and corn for a high protein content.

IAMS dry cat food has a high protein content and is excellent for cats that have digestive issues or are obese. The food also contains high-quality ingredients, including salmon and tuna. This food is also easy to digest, so it will not upset your cat’s stomach. Furthermore, IAMS dry cat food is made from natural sources of protein, which is essential for proper nutrition.