Twist ‘n Treat is an innovative and patented dog toy that unscrews to load the treat easily and cleanly. The toy can also be closed for extended playtime. It’s recommended for small, medium, and large dogs. Read on to learn how to use this toy and how it works.

Load treats into the toy

The Twist ‘n Treat toy is designed to be easily adjustable so that your dog can enjoy different sized treats. It also features two small openings where treats can be placed. Once your Pug catches the scent of the treats inside, he won’t be bothered about rolling the toy around.

The twist ‘n treat toy is made of rubber and is easy to use. However, your Pug might find it challenging at first. You should make sure that the opening is large enough to allow treats to fall out easily. Otherwise, your dog may end up chewing the toy more often than it is designed for.

The Twist ‘n Treat toy comes in two halves, so you can either load treats or kibble into one half. Then, you can twist the toy back together. At first, you may want to leave the halves separate until your dog gets used to it.

The Twist ‘n Treat toy is adjustable so you can adjust the rate at which treats are dispensed. You can also adjust the opening width to give your dog a better selection of treats. A good thing about this toy is that you can use it with other interactive toys, like puzzle toys, as well.

Adjust the opening

The Twist ‘n Treat is a patented dog toy with an adjustable opening. This lets you adjust the rate at which the treats are dispersed for your dog’s comfort and interest level. Initially, keep the opening loose for the initial introduction and adjust it as needed to increase playtime. This fun toy is 100% non-toxic and can be filled with a variety of treats for your pup to enjoy.

The Twist ‘n Treat is easy to use and dispense. Adjust the opening of the toy to fit different treat sizes. Once your Pug has caught the smell of the food, he’ll not be bothered about the toy rolling around. It is also easy to empty.

Dogs must twist the toy to get treats out

Dog treat toys are toys that contain a small hole where your dog can place a treat and twist it to get the treat. These toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying amounts of treats. The holes are easily adjustable to accommodate different sizes of treats. Treat toys for dogs work similarly to other treat dispensing toys.