The Facebook Messenger Bot is an application that will allow you to make use of Facebook chat. Now, the main question that will arise in your mind is – How will I use the Facebook messenger bot for business? There are actually two ways through which you can use the bot. The first one is by installing it on to your server and using it there and then. The second one is by uploading the Bot to Facebook’s server and using that.

Now, about the installation of the bot; the Facebook Bot supports both the desktop and the web version. On the one hand, the desktop version is the one you can use personally and on the other hand, the web version can be installed only by using the web browser. However, the latter version has more advanced features like building blocks, which will help you learn bot programming easier. In this regard, there are also third-party tools available in the market, which help you learn more about building blocks.

Another aspect of this bot is that, it supports multiple connections at the same time. This means that while one Bot is linked to a Facebook account, another Bot can be linked to your Twitter or Google Plus account. Now, this feature is very useful for those who want to promote their businesses through more than one website. In the same way, you can also promote your website using your mobile phone. Again, in this regard, the Bot supports a widget.

You can also use the Facebook Messenger Bot for social media management. Now, it does not matter whether you are looking to manage your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. Through this application, you can manage all the accounts in one go. You can post status messages, send friend requests and create and share pictures.

The last but not the least thing about the Facebook Messenger Bot is that it does not use Flash. So, if you happen to find that flash is playing slow, then you can easily make use of this application without any delay. In fact, it has the highest compatibility rate when compared to other chat applications. It also supports a variety of features that help you interact with your clients better.

To conclude, the Facebook Messenger Bot is an innovative chat program that offers several interesting features to the Facebook users. Apart from that, it also ensures that your Facebook or Twitter account doesn’t get blocked by Facebook for using third-party applications or websites. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to have some fun through chatting with your friends, then the Messenger Bot is surely for you. You can use it without worrying about other applications.

However, this is not all. In the coming days, more exciting features will be added to this innovative bot. So, now you can go ahead and download this chat program to use it for your benefit.

For all the above mentioned reasons, I am sure that you should seriously consider this amazing bot. If you can’t go ahead with it, then I suggest that you should try getting a Messenger Bot installed on your Facebook account. You would surely be amazed by the new features that this bot offers you. Besides that, you will also be able to save a lot of money that you would have normally spent on buying new Facebook applications. All these are only some of the reasons why I think that messenger bot is one of the best applications that is being used by Facebook. If you are also planning to buy this bot, then I am sure that you would be making the right choice.