If you want to organize your apartment, you can do it vertically. According to a professional organizer, vertical organization is the best way to keep everything in its proper place. You can use rolling carts, Lazy Susans, and Dollar store baskets to organize your things. And by using vertical organization, you can avoid having to sort through piles of papers.

Using Lazy Susan’s

Using Lazy Susan’s is a great way to keep your apartment organized. These inexpensive pieces of furniture can be used in almost any room of your home. A small lazy Susan can fit under your sink, and a larger one can be used inside your linen closet. Using one of these items to keep your toilet bowl cleaner and shower spray out of sight will prevent the items from scratching your cabinetry. You can also use them to keep hair-care items in the linen closet.

Lazy Susans are also handy for cleaning supplies. A single lazy Susan can store things like bleach, detergent, and stain sticks. You can even use a Lazy Susan to hold pens and other office supplies. Then, simply lift the entire device to clean the bottom.

Lazy Susans are especially helpful for deep-walled pantries. You can use them to corral items like baking goods, oils, vinegars, and jars. They also work well on countertops as well.

Using Dollar store baskets

Using Dollar store baskets for organizing your apartment can save you a lot of money. You can use these baskets for all kinds of things, from holiday decor to tiny things you never know where to put. They are easy to clean and a great way to keep your home organized without breaking the bank.

You can use these baskets for a variety of storage needs, from a pantry in your hallway closet to shoes and accessories in your bedroom. They can also be used to store brooms and mops and even towels. This way, you can make the most of limited space.

For extra storage, you can buy wire shelves from Dollar Tree. They’re the perfect size for organizing drawers, and they also work well for organizing the bathroom. Another great use for plastic baskets is in the kitchen. You can use them to store toiletries and baking ingredients. They can also be used to store supplies underneath the kitchen sink. You can also create a homemade spice rack out of dollar store items.

Using rolling carts

Using rolling carts in an apartment can help to organize your belongings. They can be used for storing shoes, clothes, and toys. They can also be used as closet organizers. You can stock them with dividers so that you can easily organize your belongings and keep them organized.

When you use rolling carts in your apartment, you can create a unique storage solution that will maximize space. These can be purchased or rented, depending on the needs of your space. The small rolling carts can fit in a small nook, keeping things out of sight but easy to reach. These carts are a great way to store kitchen items and other small items out of the way. Moreover, they can serve as a decorative piece for your kitchen.

Mobile carts are also a great way to organize bathroom supplies. They can serve as a convenient place for you to put your soap and shampoo. These carts also have multiple layers of storage, which means that they can be used to organize items in different rooms. You can even use them for storage purposes in your craft room or pantry.

Using hangers

Using hangers to organize your apartment is a great way to free up floor space and keep your closet clutter free. You can use wire, wood, or plastic hangers that can be used in multiple ways. You can even make paper towel holders with them. This is an economical way to create more storage space and keep your closet organized.

You can use different types of hangers for different garments to maximize the space in your closet. For example, you can buy pants hangers that slide on to each other rather than hang flat against each other. Another good idea is to buy a coat rack that you can place in the corner of your bedroom.

Using storage cubes

Using storage cubes is a cheap and flexible way to organize an apartment. They provide a versatile home for bins and baskets, making them an ideal storage solution for small spaces. They also make great storage for books, blankets, and even shoes. Depending on their size, storage cubes can even be used as shelves for additional storage.

Many storage cubes come in multiple colors and feature stylish details such as wood accents and faux concrete tops. Some even feature fabric baskets to complete the look. These cubes can be placed in different rooms of the home, including the garage or the living room. They can also be used for storing clothing, shoes, or even antique collectibles.

Storage cubes can be used on the floor, under high tables, or in large closets. You can also use them to add height to your furniture and make it look more attractive. Ottomans and coffee tables with storage built in are also great choices. These pieces of furniture have multiple purposes and can be placed in a room without detracting from the design. Many people live in apartments and store all their items on the ground floor, which makes them look cluttered.

Using shelves

Using shelves to organize apartment spaces is an inexpensive yet effective way to keep things out of sight while maximizing visible floor space. It also makes rooms appear larger, according to Havenly design editor Heather Hoerzen. She recommends purchasing a set of shelving from West Elm. The two-foot shelves are only $35 each, and the three-foot shelves are just $10 more.

You can use shelves to store personal items such as books, trinkets, and more. You can also use them as places to display decorative objects, such as a digital clock or an etched photo of your favorite holiday. You can buy them in any style you want, from industrial to bohemian.

Small apartments are a great opportunity to use creative, simple organizing techniques. If you have a limited amount of space, using storage racks, shelves, and bins will make the most of the available space. Each person will have a different system for keeping their items organized. However, they should be simple enough to follow. A complicated system will likely be ignored.

Using wine racks

If you are looking for a simple way to organize your apartment, consider using wine racks. Not only are they a great way to display your collection of wine, but they are also handy storage solutions. Wine racks can hold a variety of items, from potted plants to jewelry and makeup brushes. You can even insert glass bottles into them to keep your home organized. You can also use a wine rack to organize smaller items in your kitchen.

Wine racks come in a variety of styles and designs. Some are made from wood, plastic, metal, or wood. You can choose from metal racks, which are durable and cheap. They also come in a variety of colors. Wooden racks are the traditional choice, and they offer some protection against sunlight.

Depending on the number of bottles you store, you can choose between a rectangular or square wine rack. You should choose a rack that is large enough to hold the bottles, but not too large or too small. Remember that the racks should be wide enough to hold the bottles comfortably, and that you should leave enough space between the squares to prevent splinters.