Garage storage can be a tricky problem to solve, but there are a few things that you can do to make the most of your space. For example, you can invest in shelves and pegboards to help organize your stuff. Or you can use IKEA Kallax cubby-type shelves for storing outdoor toys, seasonal clothes, and even car-related items. You can also use repurposed tins and canisters to keep smaller items in order. You can also purchase ceiling-mounted racks to organize items you rarely use.


If you want to maximize garage storage space, a workbench is a great option. These benches are typically easy to assemble and can be set up in as little as two hours. You will need to purchase lumber separately and a tape measure, but once you have all of the materials, the process is relatively simple. In addition, most of these benches feature pre-drilled legs and do not require miter cuts.

Garage workbenches come in different styles, sizes, and materials. Some are made of wood, while others are made of metal. Both types offer pegboards and backboards to help you organize your tools. You can also choose casters with wheel locks to secure the workbench in place. It is also important to consider the size of your garage before purchasing a workbench. If you have a small garage, a fold-down workbench mounted on a wall is a great option.

You can place a workbench next to your car, or place it to the side. Whatever you decide, choose a location where it’s easy to reach. It should also be free from obstacles. The workbench should be easy to use and be located in an area where there’s minimal traffic flow. If you have a large garage, you can install cabinets and drawers next to it to make it even easier to find the tools you need.


Garage storage space shelves can be made of several materials, including metal and wood. Wooden ones are more durable than those made of plastic and metal. Wood does not wear down easily and retains its structure in all weather conditions. Another benefit of wood garage shelves is that they are easy to clean. With a cloth, you can easily wipe off dirt and dust from wooden shelves. This will make them look like new again.

The material used for garage storage space shelves is important as it should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. You can choose between wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted shelves. The price for garage shelving will vary depending on the size and material used. Wood is more aesthetically pleasing than metal, and it can be painted to add a custom look to your garage.

You can choose between freestanding or wall-mounted units, which should be at least 24 inches deep. This depth will allow you to stack boxes without squeezing the space. If you’d like to store large or bulky items, you should go for ceiling-mounted shelving.


Garage storage space can be challenging to keep tidy. Tools and sporting equipment often get tangled in the space, so you’ll need to find clever storage solutions to keep your garage clutter to a minimum. Using hooks and racks is one way to improve your garage’s organization. Luckily, there are many options available.

Garage hooks can be used to hang cleaning equipment, gardening tools, ladders, pipes, and even fishing rods. Using hooks in the garage is a great way to stay organized and save yourself time. It’s important to purchase sturdy hooks that are made to withstand heavy objects.

When you buy wall hooks for your garage storage space, consider the weight capacity of the items that you want to hang. The largest wall hooks can support up to fifty pounds, while the smallest can support up to 33 pounds. To ensure that your hooks don’t fall, make sure to distribute the weight evenly between the joists.

If you have a lot of hanging accessories, you may want to consider using a garage wall storage system. The ideal garage wall storage system will have sufficient hooks and hangers for hanging items. Choosing the right storage system also requires careful consideration of the size and insulation of the room. Depending on the space and climate conditions, a pegboard storage system can be a viable option. A pegboard system is not suitable for damp or freezing garages.


Pegboards provide a durable, convenient way to organize a garage. Whether you need storage for power tools or hardware, pegboards can be the perfect solution. They look vintage, but provide a durable, safe place to store tools. To install one, first level the pegboard’s surface. Next, line up the top board and bottom board. Secure the top and bottom boards together using wood screws.

Pegboards are available in individual panels or complete sets. The pegboard mounting hardware is usually included with the purchase. Mounting pegboards into walls requires some basic tools, but most pegboards mount directly into concrete or wood studs. In addition to the mounting hardware, users should have a drill and screwdriver handy. Pegboards come in a variety of sizes, and you should measure your wall carefully to ensure that the space will be large enough for the size of your pegboard.

Pegboards are ideal for smaller garages with limited wall space. They also allow you to customize your pegboard according to your needs. However, pegboards aren’t a great solution if you need to purchase tools often.

Slat wall

When you’re putting together a garage storage solution, consider installing a slat wall. Its flexible design allows you to hang almost anything you need. It also saves space. If you have small metal items, you can use a magnetic strip to hold them in place. But be sure to buy one with a strong magnet if you intend to store heavy items.

Slat walls are available in a variety of materials. The most affordable one is made of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). There are also slats made of wood and PVC plastic. You can also get brushed aluminum versions, but these are more expensive. You can also choose a slat wall with an aesthetically pleasing design, such as the American flag.

Another great feature of slat wall is its durability. It is waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and fire-resistant. Slatwall panels come in 1ft x 8ft lengths and can be easily cut to fit any space. You can also display plants on them.

Plastic storage bins

If you have a garage, plastic storage bins can help you organize the space. First, group items together by category. For example, gardening supplies should be kept with cleaning supplies. You can also group sporting equipment together. Next, sort items by size and type. A few bins may hold a wide variety of items.

Choose durable plastic storage bins. Roughneck plastic bins are sturdy and ideal for storing perishable supplies. But be careful not to overload them! Roughneck bins have secure latches and handles, but they may not be the most comfortable to carry. Furthermore, they may be more prone to leaking moisture and small bugs. So, choose containers with lids and latches that do not come loose or break easily.

Keep everything well-organized. Label each plastic bin. Labeling them clearly will make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Rolling shelves

If you’re looking for a way to organize your garage storage space, rolling shelves can be a great option. They can help you store more than just your car’s tools. These sturdy shelves are also very easy to assemble. The first step is to align the uprights, and then you can seat the side pieces on the corner rivets. After that, you’ll need to tighten the connections with a rubber mallet.

Rolling shelves for garage storage space can be purchased in different styles. Some are adjustable, which means you can move them around easily. There are also locking shelves, and some have non-locking wheels. These shelves are strong and durable, with a total weight capacity of around 4,500 pounds.

Wooden shelving is easy to clean, and a little polish will make them look brand-new again. Compared to metal or plastic, wood gets less dirty and looks more refined. In addition, a wooden shelf can be cleaned easily with a cloth.