Have you ever walked into a cosmetics company store and smelled the perfume and Cologne that were on the store? Did you get a kick out of it, but you wondered how in the world did they get that smell to be there? That is one of the scariest smells on earth, and that scent may very well be yours! A lot of companies use name brands and put them in their cosmetics company store, but if the product is bad, they do not get to make money on it. That is why they are stuck paying for good scents, instead of making money on them.

There is a way to find out if the products you buy at the cosmetics store smell okay. This method has been around since the cosmetics companies discovered that people do not want to smell like them. The test is called a “smell test.” You can purchase an inexpensive kit that will allow you to test different things at the store.

When you go into the store to buy a bottle of perfume or Cologne, take a little before and after picture with you. Make sure the picture is not behind a window, and have it done by a professional. Look at the bottle and smell it. If you smell anything other than what you think is the real stuff, chances are you are getting fake products.

You should also look for a discoloration on the bottle. Smell the cap. If there is a greenish tint to it has a peculiar odor to it, you may be getting fake perfume or Cologne. If a store proprietor is trying to sell you a particular brand and the cap is discolored or smells funny, then there is no way they are being honest about the quality of the products they are selling. If they are dishonest, they will get caught.

It is a sad fact that many people will only buy a product if they smell like it. The store clerk knows this, so they will put whatever perfume is hot at the top of the sales shelf and will put a big price tag on it. People will often sniff the bottles of perfume that come to their door. If the bottle smells like it’s been left out in the rain, chances are it has been poorly made.

One of the biggest mistakes women make when buying cosmetics is not testing for fragrances before they buy a product. Many perfume testers will smell the product for you and let you know if there are harmful chemicals or scents. You don’t want someone smelling your Cologne before you decide to buy it. The last thing you need is someone else feeling bad after buying your perfume.

Test all the products in the store before buying them. You may want to do a spray test, an olfactory test, or even just smell them with your hand. The better stores will let you smell all the products in their store, and then let you know if anything feels strange or uncomfortable. Many times perfume products are sold with sprays or lotions already included. This makes the process easier, but it can also cause irritation if you’re not sure if it’s a fragrance you like.

Finally, remember that your favorite store clerk isn’t always right. Especially if you buy a large quantity of products, it’s possible that your favorite store will be taking longer than others to deliver your order. Especially if it’s taking too long, you may want to consider another store. Getting fast delivery is important no matter what type of cosmetics you buy.