You’re on a budget, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your closet organization. There are a few tips that can help you create a renter friendly closet. These include creating storage zones and using vertical space to store more. You can also use S-shaped hangers to save more space.

Create storage zones

The best closets can be custom-designed to accommodate built-ins, but renters aren’t allowed to re-do their closets. Custom-made shelving or an IKEA installation can require the use of a power drill, which is out of the question for renters. However, there are renter-friendly closet organization solutions that don’t involve a power drill.

Use vertical space to store more

Whether you’re looking for more storage space or just a better look, you should take advantage of every vertical inch of space you have. Not only does this create additional storage space, but it can also elongate a room and make it more efficient. Storage can be found in all sorts of places: behind the couch, in luggage, and even under the bed! Whether you’re trying to store clothes, shoes, or other belongings, vertical space can be used to your advantage.

Using vertical space to store more items is easy when you install shelves or rods. You can also install wire shelf inserts or stackable baskets to make the most of vertical space. You can also hang a bin or shelf over a door to keep cleaning supplies out of sight.

You can also use the vertical space in your closet to store folded items. Installing hanging racks over the closet doors can allow you to store folded clothing, belts, jewelry, and shoes. This will maximize the space and make your closet look more uniform. Also, you can use thinner felt hangers, which help make the closet look more uniform.


When it comes to closet organization, the best-looking closets often have built-ins. But these require construction, such as custom shelving or IKEA installations. These aren’t options for renters who can’t change the layout of their closet. Instead, look for renter-friendly solutions that don’t require a power drill or any other type of permanent change.

Closet organization for renters should be easy to find items and to put them away. Make sure the partner understands where everything goes and that he or she can easily access it. If your partner can’t figure out where a shirt or jeans goes, it will be a good idea to work out a system that will satisfy both of you. A good system will help save a lot of hassles in the future.

Organize with S-shaped hangers

Renter-friendly closet organization can be done without buying a fancy wardrobe. Multilayered S-shaped hangers can help you save valuable closet space. They are lightweight and durable, and can accommodate many items. Their rounded edges prevent creases and clear-capped ends prevent scratches.

S-shaped hangers also help you maximize closet space. They have a slim profile, making them the perfect way to hang your clothes. To add even more functionality, you can add shower hooks to your hanger rods and store smaller items on them. You can also keep jackets and shoes by the front door, freeing up closet space.

Hanging shelves are another great closet organizer. These give you more storage space, while side mesh pockets are great for underwear. These organizers come in a variety of styles and designs. They all have the same basic concept, but vary in features. One such model is the MONINXS closet organizer, which has a three-drawer system.

Use a dresser under your hanging items

Rather than relying on the space under your hanging items for storage, use decorative boxes as a replacement. Decorative boxes are a great way to hide folded clothing and personal items. The dresser is often reserved for items that can’t be hung. It also provides extra space for undergarments and socks.

A dresser can be used to store folded sweaters, underwear, and shoes. You can also place a shoe rack on top of the dresser to keep it from getting cluttered. A dresser also makes a great home for bins and baskets. Closets can become a dumping ground for random things, so making sure that things have their designated spots can make them easier to find. Also, be sure to perform regular purges to eliminate any items that aren’t in use.

You can also use an armoire instead of a dresser. These are tall and slim, and they have plenty of room to hang clothing and have drawers for smaller items. If a dresser isn’t possible, consider using storage baskets or closet organizers instead. There are many ways to organize your closet that are renter-friendly and won’t take up much space.

Another option for renter-friendly closet organization is to install an S-shaped hanger rack. This will help maximize closet space and prevent wrinkles. These rods can be adjusted to accommodate different types of hangers. You can also hang shower hooks on your hanger rods to store smaller items. Moving shoes and jackets to the front door can also free up space.

Use vacuum-sealing bags to store delicate items

Vacuum-sealing bags are especially useful for storing delicate items, such as delicate dresses and hats. These bags can be used for seasonal storage or longer term storage. They can also be used to protect hanging clothes. The combination of these methods will keep your delicate hanging items clean and free from moths. Sealing your delicate items will also help keep oxygen and moisture from damaging them.

When using vacuum-sealing bags for delicate clothing, it is important to note that some fabric types will not be adequately protected. Natural fibers, such as wool, need some air to maintain their shape. Natural fibres should not be vacuum-sealed as they can suffer permanent damage if the air is compressed.

If you plan to use vacuum-sealing bags for delicate clothing, make sure to get the right ones. The proper ones are made of thicker plastic and are more durable than trash bags. However, you should be aware that a less expensive brand may not offer much improvement over the trash-bag hack.

Vacuum-sealing bags are ideal for short-term storage. You can use them to store wool and silk clothing. Just remember to wash the item once you remove it from the bag to prevent wrinkling. In addition, vacuum storage bags are more suitable for large items and several pieces of clothing.