Whether you’re visiting Roseglen for the first time or are already a resident of the area, there are a number of things you can do in Roseglen, Oregon. The area’s attractions include Big Rocks Park, Roseglen United Methodist Church, and the Roseglen Literary festival.

Big Rocks Park

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to take your kids for a day of fun, consider taking a trip to Big Rocks Park in Roseglen. This park is located on the Paluxy River, and is filled with huge, unusual rocks. It has several picnic areas and an indoor pool, and it’s free to enter. It’s the perfect place to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful views of Glen Rose.

Historic downtown

Historic downtown Roseglen is a small town located southwest of the Metroplex. It is on the Paluxy River and serves as the county seat for Somervell County. The town is full of antique shops, vintage storefronts, coffee shops, and restaurants. The town is home to 30 National Register-listed buildings.

Literary festival

The Rose Glen Literary Festival is an annual gathering of bibliophiles in Sevierville, Tennessee. Founded in 2010, this festival features local authors who come together to meet readers and network with fellow writers. The festival is comprised of a variety of activities, including book signings, presentations, and lectures. While it originally hosted authors from the local area, it has now expanded to include authors from around the globe. Some of the writers featured at the festival include James and Lucy Howard, Sam Venable, and Michael Knight.

This festival is a wonderful opportunity for readers to meet new authors, enjoy book signings, and hear special presentations from authors and industry professionals. While it originally began as a local literary festival to help local authors meet readers and network, it has grown into a regional event that features national bestsellers.

The Rose Glen Literary Festival celebrates the work of the region’s most creative writers. The thirteenth annual festival will feature innovative programming by nationally recognized authors. The festival will include talks by internationally bestselling authors. For example, you can hear Jenny Hale, a bestselling author of romantic contemporary fiction, as well as the award-winning The Beach House and Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses.

Visit to Roseglen United Methodist Church

A Visit to Roseglen United Methodist Church will provide you with an insight into the history of the local church. The church began as a Methodist chapel in the late 1800’s and has grown into a thriving community. In 1962, Clarence Bower purchased five acres and moved the church from the cemetary to its present location. He also added an educational wing and a parsonage. The church is part of the three-point charge that includes Dellville and Roseglen.