In order to cleanse and charge your crystals, you must use certain techniques. Some of these are smudging, hematite, and salt water. Others involve using Incense or Hematite. These techniques can help you restore your crystals to their original state of purity.


Smudging is an excellent way to clean crystals and the space around them. It can be done with various herbs and plant materials. Some of the most popular are cedar, lavender, sweet grass, and sage. You can find these herbs in health food stores or metaphysical shops. These herbs are considered sacred by Native Americans and are used to purify the space and to connect with the spirit realm.

Sage and lavender are the two most commonly used herbs for smudging. Both are known for their calming and sedative properties and help to transmute negative energy. When burnt, they give off a delicate floral scent. These herbs can be used alone or in bundles. Both of them are effective at cleansing the negative energy from crystals.

Native Americans have used the smudging method to cleanse their crystals. The method involves burning sage or a mixture of it in the air. While the practice may seem a little new age, the ancient process has proven to have numerous benefits. Various Native groups have performed smudging rituals for centuries.

When using smudging, you should always be aware of the type of crystals you are using. Some stones are more porous than others. This means that smudging may not be the best option for you. While smudging is an effective method, you should also be aware that it can change the look and spiritual properties of your crystals.

When smudging, be sure to follow the proper protocol. Begin at the front door and proceed clockwise around your home. You can also use a feather to fan the smoke across your crystals. This process can take 20 to 30 seconds.

Salt water

If you want to clean your crystals, you can use salt water. Simply put your crystals in a bowl and half-fill the bowl with salt. Allow the crystals to soak for several hours or even days. Then, you can rinse them with clean water. Salt water can alter the appearance of some crystals. It also changes the crystal’s spiritual properties. Some crystals should not be cleaned with salt water, especially those that contain metals.

Traditionally, people have used salt water to cleanse their crystals. Usually, they use fresh ocean water, but you can also use table salt. Once the crystals are completely submerged in the water, rinse them thoroughly with fresh water to remove any negative energy. You should be careful when using water to cleanse your crystals, though, because soft crystals may break or dissolve in it.

The best way to clean crystals with salt water is to place them in a natural body of water. Using a natural body of water is best because the water doesn’t have chemical additives. Moreover, the water has the same natural origins as the crystals. In addition, flowing waters are ideal for cleansing crystals. But before putting your crystals in the water, make sure to anchor them firmly on land or in a permeable container.

Another effective way to cleanse crystals is by burying them. You need a pot or jar, and bury them for one week. This will give your crystals the properties of the ground. Additionally, you can also charge your crystals with herbs or incense. Incense and herbs help cleanse crystals as well as remove negative energy.


One of the best ways to maintain Hematite’s high vibration is to regularly clean it. This stone contains a high concentration of iron and requires special cleaning techniques to maintain its energy. You can cleanse Hematite by using a soft bristled brush, smudging, or sound baths.

You can place the stone near a window or over a doorway for a purifying effect. You can also place it under your pillow to promote deep sleep and prevent insomnia. However, if you experience chronic insomnia caused by anxiety, it is best to consult a medical professional.

Hematite is considered one of the most effective stones for cleansing negative energies from the body. It can be used to purify negative energies and attract positive energies. It is especially beneficial for people who are struggling with a flighty mind. It can help focus the mind and help you deal with unexpected challenges.

Hematite is a rare mineral with unique properties. It is a type of iron oxide and is found around the world. It scores 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale. Unlike many gemstones, Hematite does not have magnetic properties and cannot be charged by electricity.

Hematite is a hard mineral and is one of the most dense minerals on the planet. It is found in various igneous and metamorphic rocks around the world. The largest deposits of hematite are located in the Canadian province of Quebec near Lake Superior. Other locations where high-grade hematite is found include Germany, Switzerland, and Elba, Italy.

Hematite has many properties, including its ability to strengthen the root chakra. It can also protect the body against negative energy and help it remain grounded. Hematite can also help to raise self-esteem and align the nervous system. It can also be helpful when used in chakra healing.


Before you burn incense or use crystals for other purposes, you should first clean them. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most important is to place them in water. This will cleanse and charge them. In addition, you can also use the smoke of incense to cleanse them.

Incense plays a very important role in many religions. Throughout the ages, it has been used as a sacrificial offering and as a ritual element to transform a room or area into a sacred space. It is also used in some cultures to regulate the timing of social or religious practices. Buddhists have also used incense to cleanse their crystals, a process known as smoke cleansing.

To perform the cleansing ritual, make sure that you’re in a quiet place and are not distracted by anything. Then, focus on the crystal in your hands, and visualize the smoke or fragrance transforming the negative energy and sending it back to universal consciousness. You can also hold the crystal in your hands and visualize showering it with love and energy.

In addition to smoke cleansing, you can also use sage to cleanse crystals. Sage is an excellent spiritual plant with powerful cleansing properties. You can purchase loose sage for this purpose, or use sage incense sticks. If sage isn’t available, you can also use Palo Santo, which is a type of wood smudging. It is native to Peru and Venezuela and is used in many healing rituals. It is a powerful plant that produces aromatic smoke.

Another way to cleanse crystals is to burn incense sticks with frankincense. These can be purchased online or at herb stores. You can also cleanse your crystals by placing them in a glass bowl of salt and water. You should leave them in this solution for at least two days. After that, you should rinse them and discard the salt water.


Visualization can be a great way to cleanse crystals. By picturing the object you’re cleaning, you can remove the negative energy that has built up over time. Hold the crystal in your hand and visualize a bright white light surrounding it. Imagine that light lifting all the negative energy and making the crystal feel lighter.

In order to cleanse a crystal, you can use water, but be aware that some crystals are not suitable for this. For instance, selenite and celestite should not be cleaned in water. A great way to cleanse crystals without water is to visualize sunlight and moonlight on the crystal. You can also clean the crystals on their own by allowing them to soak in water. Remember, however, that water is also a powerful cleanser, as it holds memories and emotions and doesn’t stop shifting.

Visualization is a great way to cleanse crystals without using any special tools. First, you should sit in a quiet room and relax. Next, visualize a beam of bright white light passing through the stone. You should repeat this process until you feel that the white light has cleansed the stone completely. Visualization also helps you to program your crystal with a specific intention.