There are several ways to organize a small living room. One simple solution is to use a tablecloth to cover up things that may be cluttering up an end table. Another good idea is to use old fruit crates as storage bins for lamps, pillows, and books. You can also build a crate bookcase that is both stylish and rustic.

Multipurpose furniture

Small living rooms often need some creative furniture organization ideas to make the most of the space. Multipurpose furniture is a great choice because it offers many functions and saves space. You can use it as a guest bed, as a corner seating area, or even an occasional chair in an open-plan room.

The first step in implementing organization ideas for a small living room is de-cluttering. Using shelves is a great idea, because they provide storage while freeing up floor space. You can also utilize wall-mounted shelves to maximize space and hide unsightly items.

Floating bookshelves are another option. These furniture pieces allow you to free up wall space and allow you to store books without taking up valuable space. You can use corner braces or clear shelves to create this look. Once you have these pieces, you can strategically stack books to create a minimalist vibe.

Choosing multipurpose furniture for a small living room can not only save space, but also add a touch of comfort and functionality. While a TV or entertainment center may be an obvious choice for small living rooms, they can eat up a great deal of space, so consider a multipurpose piece instead.

Storage ottomans

Whether you need additional storage or just want to make your room look more organized, storage ottomans are a great solution. With an ottoman, you can store anything from magazines to books and more. And, there are many styles and designs available. Some of the most popular storage ottomans come in the form of a bench or a chair, with a variety of storage features.

Storage ottomans are a versatile and affordable way to organize your living room. They can double as seating or storage and are a great alternative to coffee tables. Some even come with trays so you can store items inside them. They can also be used for reading, relaxing, or storing files. Some are even versatile enough to hold children’s toys.

In addition to ottomans, you can also buy colorful storage cubes that double as stools. These are a great option if you have small children who love to climb on furniture. Another storage ottoman is a cocktail ottoman. Besides being functional, this piece of furniture is also a great way to add a touch of glam to a bohemian accessory.

Cube storage systems

Cube storage systems for small living rooms are a great way to create more storage space while also adding additional seating. They are also a great way to hide clutter. They are not only functional, but they also look good. Cubes come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes, so you can use them for a variety of storage needs.

These systems are customizable, so you can easily add more units to create more space. They feature adjustable door and drawer fronts and expandable cubes. You can also choose bins with designer colors or patterns to match the room. These cubes are easily assembled and can be set up in about 45 minutes. You can use the included tools and fasteners to assemble them yourself.

These units can be purchased at an affordable price, and are highly functional. Combined with storage drawers, they can add an extra layer of organization to your room. These cubes can be made of durable metal shelving or recycled paperboard. You can also customize them with paint or wallpaper to make them even more unique. You can also use cubes to store books and toys.

Willow baskets

Willow baskets are a stylish storage solution that can help you reduce the clutter in your small living room. Not only are they attractive storage options, but they are durable, too. They can hang from decorative hooks to give you quick access to stored items and make tidying up easier.

Willow baskets come in different shapes and sizes. The larger ones are available with lids, which can be handy for organizing items. You can also use smaller baskets for storage, too. They come in neutral colors that will go well with any room. The woven colors of the baskets also add personality to the room.

Decorative pots

Decorative pots are an easy way to add visual interest to your home. You can add buttons, pom poms, or ribbon to the pots to add a feminine touch. You can even use hot glue, but be careful since it can melt plastic. Other feminine touches include wrapping old socks or sweaters around the pots.

Decorative pots for small living room organization are also a great way to add color to your living space. You can buy them in various sizes and colors. Besides adding color to your room, decorative pots also have drainage holes to prevent excess water from accumulating in the pot.

You can also paint the pots to give them a unique look. Decorative pots can be decorated with different colors and patterns. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can use a sponge to stamp a design on the pot. Alternatively, you can use a spray paint your pots.

Complimentary colors

Choosing complementary colors for a small living room organization idea is a great way to make the space feel larger. Complementary colors are those that go opposite on the color wheel and make a room appear more open and spacious. Shades of pinkish purple and yellow look especially great together.

Complementary colors are not typically associated with a specific type of home decor style. However, if you are looking for a bold, eye-catching look, complementary color schemes will work well for you. For example, blue and orange are complementary because they create a striking contrast. This color scheme works well with an accent chair in a bold color or with a bright bedspread.

Using floor space as storage

One of the best ways to save floor space in your living room is to use it as storage. Whether you have a large living room or a small one, floor space can be used to store all kinds of things. The key to using floor space as storage is to be creative with your space.

Using floor space as storage can help you create a more spacious and open living room. For example, you can install shelves with containers underneath. This will help you keep things tidy while they are out of the way at night. Or, you can make your floor space more useful by building custom floor-to-ceiling storage. This will not only save floor space but add a feeling of grandeur and allow you to display personal items.

Another great way to use floor space as storage is to use decorative storage pieces to add color and texture to your room. Decorative storage pieces can be used to showcase colorful books and other items. You can also hang up decor to add some personality to your space.