To build a shoe rack, you’ll need two pieces of 1/4-inch plywood. You can stain the doors if you wish, and you’ll also need two pieces of scrap plywood to make spacers for the shelf. Next, you’ll want to make two doors with continuous grain.

Ikea’s Trones mounted-cabinet system

If you’re looking for a way to organize shoes without taking up valuable floor space, the Trones mounted-cabinet system is a good option. The slim, compact design can fit on narrow walls and keeps shoes off the floor. Despite its minimalist design, this shoe cabinet is actually multifunctional, serving as a storage space for keys and a mirror, too.

Another way to create a shoe storage space is to purchase an IKEA shoe hanger system. This shoe rack can be attached to a wall and features lots of space for storing high-heeled shoes. This system comes with two staffs, and can support even the longest heels. You can select from white, birch, or black-brown color finishes for your shoe cabinet.

The Trones wall-mounted cabinet system features a shoe rack built in and can also serve as additional storage in the kitchen. The cabinets are easy to clean and can even be customized with contact paper or peel and stick vinyl. They’re also versatile, so you can use them in different rooms and even turn them into a dresser or sideboard!

The shoe cabinet has a recessed space on the top that can be used to store smaller items. It has a removable door so you can clean out the inside of the cabinet easily. You’ll need to secure the shoe cabinet to the wall using fixing devices. Different types of wall materials require different types of fixing devices, so you’ll need to buy these separately.

Ikea’s reclaimed cubbies wood shoe stand

The reclaimed cubbies in an IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet make for a practical, stylish way to display your favorite sneakers. The unit has four cubbies, each with room for two pairs of shoes. You can use one cubby for each pair, or combine them for a two-in-one solution. The design requires minimal sanding, making it a great way to re-purpose a space that could be better utilized.

This handcrafted reclaimed cubbies wood shoe rack is an attractive, rustic piece of furniture that looks great in any home. With four levels, it can store up to 12 pairs of men’s shoes and more than a dozen pairs of women’s shoes. The stand can also be customized by adding extra levels. Regardless of the number of pairs of shoes you need to store, this stand makes it easy to find a pair to match your outfit.

You can also buy reclaimed wood cubbies at Ikea. This type of wood shoe stand can be used to store extra pairs of shoes, but you must be careful not to place heavy things on top of it. The IKEA guide will give you guidelines for placing heavy items on top of the stand.

If you don’t want to spend money on custom cubbies, you can buy a narrow shoe storage cabinet with a bench. It is an efficient solution that won’t take up too much space.

Lazy Susan shoe rack

If you have a walk-in closet or bedroom, you can turn it into a shoe storage cabinet by installing a Lazy Susan shoe rack. This rack turns around to make it easy to access your shoes. It looks like a cabinet in a fancy clothing store and is perfect for storing a lot of pairs of shoes. You can choose how many layers you want to add and customize the design to fit your space.

The base of the shoe cabinet can be a sturdy rectangular base. The dividers can be made from boot dividers or regular hooks. Paint the base and dividers and attach the Lazy Susan bearings, making sure to center the bearings in between the layers. Once the unit is complete, you are ready to enjoy your new shoe storage cabinet.

To put the shoe rack together, start by cutting a pine wood piece to size. Clamps can be used to hold the two pieces of wood together and ensure that they are secure. Once the glue dries, cut the pinewood piece to fit the frame and stain it. Then, paint it any color you like. In most cases, you will just need a coat of wood stain.

Another option for a shoe rack is a shoe chest. This looks great in a bonus room or mudroom. It is easy to clean, easy to use, and can store a lot of shoes.

Crown molding shoe rack

Using crown molding as a shoe rack is a very creative way to add storage in your closet. It can be painted or stained to match your walls, and you can mount it directly to the wall. Just make sure to countersink the screws to give them a nice finished look. You can also find other clever shoe racks that are elevated off the floor, such as those made from tire-tread shelves. This allows you to easily clean your shoes and still have them on display.

You can also hang your shoes on the rack using coat hangers. These are also very easy to clean and install. Just make sure to purchase the ones with Velcro-looking “teeth” so that you can hang as many pairs of shoes as you want. Another way to make a shoe rack is to use kitchen piping. Kitchen piping is similar to crown molding, and is very easy to work with.

Another great way to use crown molding is to create decorative shelving. It is an inexpensive and adaptable material, and you can use it to achieve many different looks. You can also use it to display pictures, trophies, or other items. You can even use different styles of crown molding to create a contrasting look.

Glass door shoe cabinets

The design of a glass door shoe cabinet is extremely versatile. Its streamlined form allows for easy access to the shoes inside. In addition to allowing for easy access, this type of shoe cabinet is easy to assemble. These cabinets are also ideal for small apartments or spaces with limited closet space. However, it is important to consider the size and shape of the cabinet and the location in your home to ensure it fits well.

A glass door shoe cabinet is a great choice for a walk-in closet. These cabinets provide easy access to your shoes and may even come with a dry erase board or chalkboard on the outside to help you organize your shoes. However, it is important to note that you don’t need a huge shoe cabinet to store a lot of shoes. You can purchase a narrower one, as long as it has enough room to accommodate your shoes.

This kind of storage cabinet comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from very small to medium-sized. Mid-sized units are great for storing many pairs of shoes, and many have two drawers. The drawers can fold up for easy access. Others come with small drawers at the top of the cabinet.

If you need more than twenty pairs of shoes, you can choose cubbies or inclined shelves. These options work well for ten to twenty pairs of shoes, but after 30 pairs of shoes, they become inconvenient. You can also consider extra tall cabinets that have five or six shelves. Make sure you check out assembly requirements before purchasing any kind of shoe storage cabinet.

Wooden shoe ladder

If you want to display your shoes in a unique way, consider building a DIY wooden shoe ladder with shoe rack built in. This project will not only add a unique touch to your home, but it will also be a fun weekend project. The ladder can be placed in the front entrance or in the living room to accommodate all your shoes. In addition to being functional, it will allow you and your children to put their shoes away easily. Alternatively, you can use an old display cabinet to showcase your shoes in. This type of storage unit is very inexpensive and is easy to assemble.

There are many DIY ladder shoe storage solutions on the internet. You can build your own wooden shoe ladder with a shoe rack built in for around $15. The best part is that this type of storage is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes around your home. These racks are also a stylish option for storing shoes in your entryway.

If you prefer a more functional shoe rack, you can choose one made of solid untreated ash wood. It comes with a metal shoehorn and holds up to 16 pairs of shoes, depending on their size. Another option is the EMKO STEP-UP Wooden shoe cabinet. This unit is also available in a smaller version for smaller spaces.