Professional organizers generally do not manage personal time management or personal organizing, but they do provide design assistance and can make purchases on their clients’ behalf. If you’re looking for a home organization professional, there are several options in your area. There are two types of home organizers: organizers and interior designers. Organizers do not handle personal time management, while interior designers handle both tasks.

Become Organized

House organizers are professionals who specialize in organizing small spaces and helping you become more efficient. They can help you keep your space in order by offering a variety of solutions and services, including time management and move management. You can also hire them to help you organize your entire home. Most organizers charge by the hour, although some offer flat rates for specific tasks.

Many of these professionals have received training in organizational psychology or productivity coaching. Some have even earned certifications from NAPO. Though it’s not a necessity, it adds credence to their skills. To become certified, organizers must have at least a high school diploma. Some professionals choose not to get certification, but it can help them stand out from the crowd.

Whether you need help with a closet or pantry, a professional organizer can help. They can also help you with special projects like hoarding, elder care, and disability management. A search engine on the organizing association’s website can help you find a professional organizer in your area. It also provides questions to ask them. You can also find home service providers through directories.

Appleshine Lifestyle Organization

Appleshine Lifestyle Organization is based in New York City and provides office and home organization services. The company is also able to provide moving assistance. The organization has been featured in various publications such as Women’s Day, House Beautiful, and the Today Show. The company specializes in helping clients manage small spaces and is affiliated with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. They also offer gift certificates for their services.

Sorted by Snow

Sorted by Snow is a home organization company serving homeowners in New York City. Their services are unique and customized for small and large spaces. They specialize in transforming cluttered spaces into sanctuaries. This company offers in-person and online services. Founder Zoe Snow studied communication at Westfield State University.

Urban Clarity

If you are in New York City and are looking for a professional house organizer, consider Urban Clarity. They are one of the top professional organizing companies in the country and can help you organize your life with their services. The company’s team of professional organizers will come to your home and help you get organized in no time.

Urban Clarity is a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in decluttering and organizing homes. Their staff is made up of six female professionals who will listen to your needs, evaluate the premises and share suggestions for maximizing your space. Their mission is to create sustainable systems for you that will help you maintain a stress-free environment. The team is highly motivated and non-judgmental, which means that you can feel at ease knowing that your home will be in good hands.

The company was founded in 2010 by Lorraine Bohonos, who studied art at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After graduating, she spent time helping her friends and family get organized. She also helped them find better jobs and improve their quality of life. In 2011, Lorraine moved to Brooklyn and joined Urban Clarity as a Lead Organizer. She later founded her own organization company and relocated to Rochester, NY.

Merry Maids

If you’re looking for a house organizing company, Merry Maids can help. Their team of house organizers can clean your home from top to bottom, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, windows, and more. Plus, they offer green cleaning services to make your home safe for you, your family, and the environment. Merry Maids also provides move-in and move-out cleaning and other specialty cleaning services.

Whether you’re trying to keep your home organized or find a space for your office, Merry Maids can help. They specialize in bathrooms, kitchens, and offices of all sizes, and they know New York well. They also have locations throughout the United States and Canada. While Merry Maids are primarily known as a cleaning service, they also offer home organizing services to help you get your home organized and stay organized.

Prices are flexible, and you can choose how often your house organizers come to clean your space. Depending on the size and complexity of your home, you can customize the cleaning schedule. Typically, heavy cleaning requires two cleaners or more. You can also request enhanced disinfection services for high touch surfaces. And if you’re entertaining, Merry Maids can even help you prep for an event.

Big Apple Organizers

Big Apple Organizers offers a variety of home organization and decluttering services. Their services are individualized and based on your unique situation. They are also insured and bonded and will work on a flat rate, regardless of the size of your project. Services include home organizing, closet organization, office organization, and holiday decorating.

These professional organizers provide home organizing and decluttering services, as well as moving assistance. They have an impressive list of client references and will even donate 10% of their after-tax income to local charities. Additionally, they offer signature services and light staging. Their founder is a former residential real estate agent who is certified as a professional organizer. Her services have been featured in the New York Times, Elle, Huffington Post, and Bloomberg Business.


The work of a Horderly house organizer is intuitive and functional. Many have compared their work to magic. They create custom solutions that maximize space in overcrowded areas. This results in a more functional life for their clients. The process of implementing these custom solutions takes a long time, but the end result is worth it.

Horderly, which is based in California, is a full-service company that offers residential and commercial organizing services. They provide unpacking and set-up services and also provide training to clients on how to maintain their organizational systems on their own. The company is also known for its social commitment to the community. In recent years, it has donated items to Goodwill and published a blog series addressing home organization concerns during the recent flu epidemic.

Horderly has locations across the country. In New York City, there are several locations. The company is also expanding into California and Maryland.