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Define wellness.

We generally hear this word everywhere as in TV, news media, on radio in general talking conversations, but there is no as such definition for it which is worldwide accepted. There are generally a set of characteristics which are found to be in generalized definition. It is more often used as a reference or with a reference, it generally relates to an actual state of being well. So you can say wellness is a much more difficult word to be defined than it seems to be. It can be considered as a person’s multidimensional condition or state of wellbeing and to become free from any kind of disease or sickness. Once you are free from diseases – then you are considered to be healthy. This historically accepted definition is getting manipulated these days. As if getting free from disease is something different from being well.

Wellness is quite closely linked to a person’s lifestyle and the healthy or unhealthy choices he makes. Each individual should provide himself with an essential of being well, and getting good health as good nutritious real foods, exercise, and many other activities to promote longevity. All life personal factors play a role in becoming healthy and staying well.

Furthermore, wellness can also be considered as a process of understanding and becoming aware of and choosing the healthy choices which could lead to a more successful and a happy life.

Various researches worldwide have also indicated that the persons who practice wellness live a happier, healthy, more satisfied and productive life. As well as, reducing their medical expenditures as medical trips, cost to doctors, medicine costs, etc. Via an article published in a well-known magazine has also proved in their studies that the wellness approach of a person, declines medical expenditure up to 17% and doctor visits up to 35%.

As your lifestyle choices serve as important factors in determining your healthiness, it is also important for you to get educated about your fitness and health. Take charge by living a healthy lifestyle. The choices you make hugely affect your health and wellness. The secret is not in healthcare but in depends on your self-care.

Wellness is a preventative approach practiced and designed to achieve maximum levels of health, physical, emotional and mental functioning. It emphasizes the complete individual. It’s the accumulation of the body, spirit and mind; and understanding that the things we think, do, feel and believe has a constant impact on our overall state of health.

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