If you’re a handyman, a screw organizer is a must-have item. Not only are they helpful in the worksite or workshop, they’re also easy to carry around with you. Home Depot even sells a small version, which has a low profile. If you want to purchase one for yourself, check out their website. They have a special sale price, and you can order the organizer online for pick up in the store. However, note that you’re only allowed to order a limited number of organizers in a single transaction.

They’re hard to find

If you have ever had trouble finding screw organizers, you are not alone. The Home Depot has made the task of storing these tools easier and more convenient. It has an item finder tool on its website and app, and an associate will help you locate any missing screw or bolt. The store also offers spacers, which help maintain space between different components.

They’re great for your workshop or work site

Screw organizers can be a big help in a work site or workshop. These handy containers can be wall mounted and feature a compartment for each screw head. They’re also stackable, which makes them perfect for storing workshop supplies. These organizers will help keep your workspace tidier and keep your tools easily accessible.

They’re easy to take with you

You can also carry these parts cases. They have slots on the back for screw heads and are very convenient for use in the workshop. They can be carried separately or clipped together, so you can take two with you at a time. And, if you need to travel, you can easily remove the screw cases and carry them on your person.