You can add storage to your garage ceiling with overhead garage storage solutions. These solutions include baskets, shelves, and hooks. In addition, these solutions also allow you to hang small items on them, such as coats. These solutions are also more durable than cardboard boxes. Plastic bins offer a variety of storage solutions for common household items, and most come with lids to prevent moisture and dust from getting in. Some bins are transparent, so you can easily see the contents without opening them. Also, stackable bins maximize the amount of storage space.

Overhead garage storage

Garage overhead storage is an excellent way to store your seasonal and everyday items. You can choose from a variety of styles and materials, including freestanding units and those that are anchored to the walls for extra support. You can also choose shelving that is made of different materials, depending on what you plan to store. If you plan to store heavy items, such as seasonal decorations, choose a heavier-duty model. However, if you simply want to store a few decorative items, a lighter-weight version may be sufficient.

To maximize storage space, consider installing hooks to hang small items, such as hats or gloves. You can also install plastic storage bins, which are more durable than cardboard boxes. Many of these bins can be stacked to save space, and transparent plastic bins allow you to view what’s inside without removing the lid. You can also choose bins that fit in corners or shelves.


Adding garage overhead storage shelves is a great way to organize a garage, and they are available in many varieties, including freestanding units and anchored units to walls. They can be made of wood, steel, plastic, and even wire. Garage shelving can be made with adjustable shelves to accommodate heavier objects. These units are ideal for garages that have changing storage needs, and they are also easy to reconfigure.