If you’re on a budget but want to create a beautiful landscape, there are many options for hiring a garden designer near me. HomeAdvisor can connect you with designers in your area, as can Airtasker. However, before you choose a design-only company, you should consider the following factors.


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Through Airtasker, people can book professional garden designers and hardscape designers for projects in their yard. These professionals have experience with landscaping and can create a concept plan for your front yard or backyard. They will also be able to recommend appropriate planting designs and retaining walls. They can also outline safe entertaining areas in the yard.

Choosing a professional to create your dream landscape is important. Fortunately, Airtasker makes the process as easy as possible. It connects people who need help with their gardening projects and provides reviews of those who have already completed similar projects. The website also offers flexible scheduling and budget options, which can make it easier to choose the right professional to complete your project.

Professional design-only companies

If you are a homeowner and need a landscape or garden design, you should think about hiring a professional design-only company. These companies handle all aspects of the design, including the specifications and appointment of contractors. They will also act on your behalf during any discussions with other parties. Some designers have their own list of preferred contractors, which can be very helpful. Others may be part of a design and build company, which can speed up the whole process.

When selecting a design-only company, keep in mind the price. A professional designer will charge a lower fee for a single day’s work. On the other hand, a garden design that takes several days may be more expensive than a design that includes the construction process. Having an in-house designer is also helpful in speeding up the project.

Budget-friendly options

If you want to give your garden a makeover but don’t have the time or money to hire a garden designer, you have a few budget-friendly options. For starters, you can do some of the yardwork yourself, such as planting and laying a new lawn. You can also add timber raised beds, if you have the skills. A DIY project is also cost-effective, but remember that labor costs can add up to 60% of the total cost.

Another budget-friendly option is to use free mulch in your garden. This material helps to lock moisture and improve plant health. You can find it for free in your neighborhood or purchase it for about $175 per 500 square feet. Most homeowners spend $100-300 on mulch, so finding free mulch is an excellent way to save money.

DIY garden lighting is another great way to update your outdoor space. Instead of hiring expensive garden lighting fixtures, you can use inexpensive spotlights instead. Just be sure that you secure them firmly to the walls and underneath your garden furniture. Adding some outdoor lighting will also add ambience to the space.

Another budget-friendly garden design option is to plant trees. Small trees, such as June berry, ornamental cherry, or crab apple, can make a significant impact in a garden. You should aim for three or more small trees for an average-sized garden. In addition, you should consider using drought-resistant plants to save money on watering.

The average cost for hiring a garden designer is around $80 to $300 per hour. This price includes design work, planting plans, and project management. However, the cost can vary depending on the type of project you hire a garden designer for. For example, a simple vegetable garden design can cost as little as $0.03 per square foot, while a full-blown xeriscaping project may cost as much as $200 an hour.