Garage sorting ideas can help you get your items organized in an organized manner. You can start by separating items into three piles and deciding what to keep and throw away. After sorting the items, group them according to categories. For example, gardening tools go in one section, hand tools in another. You will then know what belongs in which area easily.

Clear jars

Jars are an easy and convenient way to store small items. They can be used to store fasteners, screws, nails, and cords. A clear jar makes it easy to see what is inside. In addition, it can also be used to hold small tools, such as screwdrivers. In the garage, jars can be attached to shelves, making it easy to find the tools you need.

To create storage shelves, you can either install a new overhead shelf or cabinet, or use an existing one. Be sure to mount the shelves and jars on studs to ensure that they will hold the weight of the jars. To make them prettier, you can also create custom storage labels. You can order labels online, or create your own.

If you have a garage with too many items to store, consider using clear storage bins. These can save floor space and hide unsightly clutter. Clear storage bins are also a great option for storing extra household supplies and other irregularly shaped items. Make sure to label each bin so you can find what you need quickly.

Hangars are another great solution for garage organization. You can place them on the wall or under cabinets to prevent misplaced items. Hangers can also be used to store sports equipment. Suit hangers with a pants bar can also be used for sports equipment. Another good use for hangars is in the kitchen. They can be used to organize kitchen items and prevent missing items.

Besides jars, you can use spice containers for garage storage. These containers are easy to access because of their clear lids. You can also use magnetic panels to hold canisters when not in use. Another option is using wooden display shelves. Simply drill holes in them, and insert small buckets into them. For extra protection, you can also lock them.

Wood pallets

If you are looking for storage ideas for your garage, you should consider using wood pallets. They are cheap and easy to build and are perfect for keeping large items such as tools organized and accessible. This DIY storage idea also works well for items with long handles. Pallets are a great source of wood, so you can stain and paint them to suit your needs.

Aside from storage space, wood pallets also make great outdoor toys organizers. You can hang them vertically along the walls, about a foot apart. You can then wrap bungee cords between each one, keeping all your outdoor toys organized and within easy reach. The best part is that you can get these free pallets at a local garage sale, online, or from big box stores.

Wood pallets also make great shelving for your garage. They can be painted any color you like, and they can be found in industrial parks and warehouses near your home. Long handled tools will fit between the boards, and you can also use them to store nails and other long-handled tools.

You can also use wood pallets for wall storage. All you need is a single wood pallet and a few nails or screws to attach it to a wall. Then, you can hang all sorts of items, from tools to broomsticks, and extension cords.

Besides garage sorting, pallet furniture can also serve as wall art. The top shelf of a pallet is wide enough to hold books, candles, or other decorative items. These pieces of pallet furniture are also low-profile, so they match any decor. In addition to shelving, they can be used as benches or shoe racks.


If you’re looking for an affordable way to organize your garage, bins can make the job a lot simpler. Plastic bins can be mounted on slatted wall panels, so you don’t need to drill holes in your drywall. Plus, you can move them around as needed. The 24x24x12-inch unit can support 150 pounds, and is coated to protect it from corrosion.

Another affordable option is to stack plastic storage bins on shelves. You can find these at home improvement and bulk stores. Organize items by type on the bottom and middle shelves. Large items can be stored in cubby style bins, which are easy to access. These bins can also be wall mounted on rails to keep them off the floor.

Another garage storage idea is to install sliding drawers that are easy to access. These drawers can be labeled and can have plastic dividers to keep items separate. You can even hang a snap-in toolbar, which corrals snow tools and long-handled tools. You can also add adjustable shelving and mesh bins to store cleaning supplies.