If you’re short on space, there are several ways to organize your closet. You can use cardboard sheets, shelf dividers, or even custom built-ins. If your space is small, consider using magazine files. They can help you organize small accessories and free up counterspace. Studio DB’s walk-in closet features stylish rods hung at corners.

Shelf dividers

Investing in shelf dividers for your closet is a smart way to make your space more organized. Dividers are affordable and easy to install. Shelf organizers can also serve as a decorative accent in your room. There are several styles to choose from, so you can choose one that suits your tastes and budget.

There are two main types of closet shelf dividers: adhesive and non-adhesive. One type has a strong adhesive strip attached, which is good for thick shelves. However, some people worry about the adhesive’s ability to hold up over time. The good news is that adhesive shelf dividers are removable, making them easy to remove and replace.

If you want to use shelf dividers for your small space closet organizer, you must measure your space carefully to determine how many dividers you’ll need. Acrylic dividers come in a variety of different sizes. Choose the right size according to your measurements and the number of items you plan to store. Moreover, you need to choose a shelf divider that’s durable and has good reviews.

A simple shelf divider is an effective solution for organizing a small space closet. They are easy to install and move and keep your shelves free from dirt. They also make it easy to store and organize different items. Moreover, you can use shelf dividers for different kinds of shelves, including the kitchen, pantry, and toy or game closet.

InterDesign Axis 8-Hook Wall-Mounted Rack

If you’re looking for a storage solution for a small area, an eight-hook wall-mounted rack by InterDesign is the way to go. These durable, well-made racks feature deep, spaced hooks and a compact 18 1/4-inch width. While you can’t store a full closet worth of accessories on these shelves, you can organize small items and still have enough space for other items.

Some reviewers complained about difficulty closing the door with an over-the-door rack, but this problem is related to how much clearance you have between your door frame and door. This rack has been tested since 2015 and so far, it’s holding up well.

Custom built-ins

Whether you’re working with a small space closet organizer or a large space, you can maximize the space by utilizing built-ins. A great example is the built-in desk by Sunset Hill. It features a sliding panel adorned with art that slides out to reveal a hidden television.

Another small-space closet organizer option is the use of storage bins and trays. These are great for storing a variety of items, and they can fit a lot of them. Dorsey Designs, for example, used storage bins to organize her clothes. A built-in bedroom by Corinne Mathern is also a great option. These built-ins are less deep than an armoire or dresser, and they can accommodate a curved ceiling.

While custom built-ins will cost more than mass-produced furniture, they are still an excellent choice for small spaces. These units can add more storage in a smaller space, and can be customized to match any architectural style. They can be designed to match other elements in the room, whether that’s antique or modern.

The top drawers can be used to store office supplies, while the middle ones are for hanging files. The bottom drawers can be used for storing magazines and newspapers. Latched doors on top can hide phone books and other items, whereas floor-to-ceiling shelves make the space usable and add an elegant look.

Freestanding closet organizers

Freestanding closet organizers are flexible and easy to use. They are especially useful for small spaces. They can be assembled quickly and easily, which can help save space and money. Furthermore, they are easy to transport. If you’re planning on moving to a new home or apartment, you may find that a freestanding closet organizer is the perfect solution.

When you don’t have enough wall space for a closet, you can also opt for a bookcase. You can also mix and match different heights of bookcases to maximize your wall space. You can also use a modular cubby system to organize folded clothing. Moreover, you can install bookcase hooks for large accessories.

You can also install shelf dividers to organize your clothing. They act as barriers between different stacks and can be placed as far apart as you want. You can also place multiple shirts in one place. And if you have a small closet, you can use clever closet hangers.

If you don’t have much space, you can make the most of your closet by removing non-seasonal clothing. Invest in a cute wallpaper or a whimsical light fixture and you’ll be able to make your tiny closet more livable. Also, you can make use of wall space to display accessories and other personal items.

Ikea’s Kallax collection

If you’re looking for a closet organizer for a small space, then you’ll be delighted to hear that Ikea’s Kallax collection has a lot to offer. This collection is a great choice because it comes with several customization options and is easy to assemble. Its clean and modern look means that it can blend in perfectly with other IKEA furniture.

You can customize the Kallax shelving unit with baskets, drawers, or both. This stylish unit can also double as a room divider and is available in different sizes. You can even buy custom cat box inserts to make your Kallax storage even more versatile.

The Kallax collection comes in seven different colors. These colors can be used to decorate the doors of your Kallax shelves. There are also options available to paint them to match your decor. A great way to add color to white doors is with door decals, which you can purchase from an Etsy store.

Aside from being functional, the Kallax collection can be used to store craft supplies, office supplies, and more. These storage solutions provide tons of storage space and help organize your workspace. You can even buy them on wheels for mobility.