Gabby is a music producer, and DJ Catnip is a DJ, too. In this music-themed playset, you’ll find everything you need to create your own tunes, from instruments to a recording studio. These figures are perfect for creating the ultimate playlists.


In Cakey Gabby Dollhouse – DJ Catnip, the CatRat kidnaps Cakey and DJ Catnip, causing the Gabby Cats to go on a quest to retrieve them. A gameshow takes place in the dollhouse, and the CatRat sings “You Can’t Spell Meow Without Me.” In the meantime, the Gabby Cats search for treasure, and it’s up to them to solve the mystery and save the dollhouse.

DJ Catnip is a fun addition to the Gabby Dollhouse line. This adorable toy is made of soft, colorful fabric and realistic details. Featuring a red hoodie, this cute plush looks just like Gabby’s cat-tastic friend! Each toy comes in its original packaging.

If you’re looking for a new plaything for your cat or kitten, then DJ Catnip is the perfect gift! DJ Catnip plays music and dances with Gabby in the dollhouse! This fun and colorful toy is made for both kids and cat lovers.

DJ Catnip’s voice can make your cat’s dreams come true. He can play a role as a movie director by singing his signature song. DJ Catnip can even play the role of announcer for the Meow-Mazing Games, as he plays the role of a DJ.

In addition to DJ Catnip, there are other familiar characters that will delight your child. Gabby’s furry friends include Pandy Paws, who’s half-panda and half-kitty plushie. She and her friends can also play with the dollhouse’s other residents, such as Carlita, the light green fairy.

Kitty Fairy

In this video game, DJ Catnip is the resident music expert. He has elastic legs and a tail, and he can activate his DJ console from outside the DJ booth. He also has a preoccupation with music and a tendency to snitch sprinkles. His full name is Daniel James Catnip.

DJ Catnip and Kitty Fairy meet for the first time. They are the parents of DJ Catnip, and they are both looking for their son Daniel James. They are also searching for their daughter, Petunia Petalis Faeris Felinia. Gabby and Pandy rush to the Music Room to tell DJ Catnip that they are here, but he is not able to recognize them.

Gabby is a cat lover. She has a room that is fully cat-themed, and a miniature dollhouse filled with cats. She can use her magical headband to shrink and interact with the living cats inside the dollhouse. She also has a “fairy-tail” garden to make her home even more magical.

The DJ Catnip plush is one of the most popular additions to the Kitty Fairy series. It features Daniel James “DJ” Catnip with his signature hoodie and striped legs. Its soft fabric and embroidered details make DJ Catnip a wonderful companion for a playtime or cuddle with a child.

The Netflix original series Gabby’s Dollhouse has garnered attention from young Netflix subscribers. The show is a favorite of preschoolers, and season five promises to be even more magical. Its “teeny-tiny” scale and “sticky situations” are sure to entertain little viewers.

Baby Box

DJ Catnip is a fictional character who plays with dollhouses. He has a tail and elastic legs and is the resident music expert. He plays with other dollhouse characters in the Meow-Mazing Games. DJ Catnip’s full name is Daniel James Catnip, but his character is best known as a kitty. He has a variety of personality traits, and one of them is “Prone to Tears”.

Daniel James “DJ” Catnip is a popular dollhouse character and comes in the form of a plush. He is embroidered with details and is a great choice for cuddles and playtime. It also comes with a DJ CD player, and a power cord for his sound effects.

A dollhouse for cats is a magical place for your little ones to play, and this toy has many uses. It makes a great gift for any child, especially a little girl! This cute animal toy will give your child a great way to express their creativity. It’s perfect for ages four and up!

This toy is perfect for all cat lovers! Gabby’s room is fully decorated with cats, and her dollhouse is filled with live cats. She can even shrink to play with them. Another feature is the magical headband that lets her shrink into a miniature form.

DJ Catnip is the lead character of this dollhouse, and his name is a play on his obsession with music. The characters are also named after their personalities. DJ Catnip is a lavender-colored kitty who can stretch his legs and tail. He can also use his legs to play musical instruments. The other characters include CatRat, a sneaky blue cat who loves shiny objects. Another unique character is Baby Box, a cardboard-made cat, named after its mother.

DJ Catnip

DJ Catnip is the newest addition to the Gabby Dollhouse. A music producer and DJ, Catnip creates a night that’s sure to please. This evening’s music will feature a variety of genres, from pop to electronic. The music will be a perfect fit for the house’s unique atmosphere.

DJ Catnip has a soft hoodie and striped legs, making her super cuddly for playtime. Her green eyes are surrounded by yellow green scleras, and her nose is pale blue. She also has super soft, colorful fabric and elastic legs, and a tail made of pink and purple stripes. She’s also a cute addition to any dollhouse collection.

DJ Catnip’s music is sure to get the crowd dancing and singing. She wears a blue glittery hoodie and dark magenta socks, a pale magenta pompom, and a yellow musical note on her ankle. Her outfit is very colorful, and she’s even known to use music to get out of trouble! She even raps!

The music is upbeat and fun, and the Gabby Dollhouse is a fun place to play with your dolls. Gabby and Pandy celebrate their birthdays by playing at the Dollhouse. DJ Catnip sings “The Music in You,” and Cakey sings “Let’s Go for a Ride!” DJ Catnip plays music that isn’t available at any local record store.

DJ Catnip performs live every Wednesday at the Gabby Dollhouse. Guests include Pandy Paws, a half-panda plushie. Other characters include Carlita, a purple Gabby Cat who drives around the dollhouse and a blue cat named CatRat, who loves shiny objects. There are even a few different types of Gabby Cats.

The fifth season of Gabby’s Dollhouse will premiere on Monday, July 25, and is certain to be a hit among younger viewers of Netflix. It’s a teeny-tiny show that’s guaranteed to delight preschoolers. The first season was a hit, and season five is expected to continue this trend.