Pedigree small dog food comes in two recipes. One of them is designed for smaller dogs, while the other one is meant for larger dogs. Pedigree small dog food is available for a fairly reasonable price, making it a good choice for smaller dogs. Below are some things to look out for when choosing pedigree small dog food.

Animal fat in pedigree small dog food

The amount of animal fat in Pedigree small dog food is not disclosed. The list of ingredients contains chicken by-product meal, soybean meal, ground corn, brewers rice, and corn gluten meal, which is a plant source of protein. Brewers rice is a by-product of milling whole rice and provides modest amounts of animal fat and calories, as well as modest nutritional value. It lacks many of the nutrients that whole ground rice and brown rice provide.

The average amount of protein in Pedigree small dog food is 24%, and its average amount of fat is 11%. The amount of carbohydrates in the food is estimated at 57%. The fat-to-protein ratio is about 46%, which is not considered high enough for canines. It is important to note that artificial coloring is used in dog food to make it look more appealing to humans.

It’s important to note that animal fat is a source of omega 6 fatty acids. But animal fat is derived from lower-quality meats. Animal fat comes from rendered animal tissues, which may be diseased, rancid, or disabled. The animal fat in this food may also contain an artificial preservative that is linked to cancer in dogs.

Pedigree small dog food contains animal protein, whole grain corn, and vitamins and minerals. However, be aware that small dogs don’t need as much dry food as larger dogs. Therefore, be sure to check the serving size of the food label to determine the right amount for your dog. If your dog is overweight, consider reducing the amount of dry food, especially if he is already eating canned food.

Low quality protein sources

Low quality protein sources are a problem in many dog foods. Pedigree is no exception. All of their products contain meat and animal derivatives. The company also includes a portion of ‘inorganic matter’, which is a measure of the amount of minerals added to the pet food during manufacturing. This helps ensure that the food is complete and balanced for dogs. Some of these dog foods also contain vegetable derivatives, which are rich in protein and provide important nutrients.

In Pedigree’s T-bone steak recipe, chicken is the main ingredient. This type of protein is highly digestible and provides a meaty flavor to the meal. Pork liver and other meat byproducts also contribute to the protein and flavor of the meal. The recipe is free of wheat flour and other processed grains, such as wheat bran. The main source of carbohydrates is Brewers rice, which is easy to digest and high in fiber.

Pedigree has had a few products recalled in recent years. Most of the recalled products were due to the presence of foreign material in the food. One recall in 2012 involved canned products. Another recall was due to a choking hazard with the product.

Pedigree is owned by Mars, which is one of the world’s largest dog food manufacturers. They manufacture their products in factories throughout the US and Canada. The problem with Pedigree small dog food is that it has low-quality ingredients, including lower-quality protein sources. While the ingredients are not ideal, Pedigree still offers a good diet at a reasonable price. This may be an important factor for some owners who can’t afford premium food.

Artificial preservatives

Pedigree small dog food has artificial preservatives, including yellow 5 (FD&C Red 40). This dye has been linked to cancer, and there is no nutritional value to the ingredient. Pedigree also uses animal by-products (NON-RENDERED clean parts of animals), which is another reason to avoid the food.

Pedigree Dog Food has below-average fat and protein percentages. The meat content is moderate and the fat content is low to moderate. It also contains 4.5 percent fiber, and 52.3 percent carbohydrates. Pedigree is a brand that has had some run-ins with recalls in the past.

Pedigree small dog food is not a premium brand, but it does offer excellent quality for a reasonable price. The company abides by FDA standards, and its ingredients tend to be grainier than other dog foods. It also contains synthetic preservatives, including ethoxyquin, which is considered a liver toxin. Even though it’s a controversial additive, ethoxyquin is still widely used in dog food.

Despite the fact that artificial preservatives are not the only problem with dog food, they are an important consideration. Pet food should be made with wholesome ingredients and provide balanced nutrition. The quality of the ingredients is a vital factor in a dog’s health, and Pedigree small dog food meets these standards.

Corn as a cereal grain

One of the biggest complaints about dog food is the inclusion of corn as a cereal grain. This ingredient does not provide your pup with the nutrition it needs and it can cause allergies and skin problems. Pedigree uses a different ingredient instead – poultry by-product meal. This is a waste product from the slaughterhouse that has more protein than fresh poultry.

Corn is an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates, but is not a complete protein and fat source. It also contains vitamin B. It is also cheap to buy, and the quality of the corn used for dog food is usually feed-grade. If possible, look for a food that uses whole grain corn. The higher quality corn will contain more protein and more nutrients.

Another ingredient in dog food is animal fat. This comes from a process called rendering, which uses heat to break down animal tissue and separate out the meat, fat, and protein. While the fat may be high in quality, it may also be diseased, rancid, or disabled. Additionally, animal fat is often mixed with an artificial preservative, which is suspected of causing cancer in dogs.

In pedigree small dog food, corn is used as a cereal grain, but the amount of corn is not disclosed in the ingredient list. This grain provides a modest amount of energy, but it is a common ingredient. Some pedigree small dog foods do use brewer’s rice, which is a by-product of the milling of whole rice. This grain is not very nutritious for dogs.

Made in the USA

Pedigree’s Roasted Chicken small dog food is made in the USA. This means it adheres to strict standards for quality and manufacturing. Pedigree also supports a foundation in which animals are raised and cared for. Its ingredients include ground corn, whole wheal, soybean meal, and brewers rice. It also contains a trace amount of chicken byproduct meal (derived from chicken paws and necks).

Pedigree small dog food contains essential vitamins and minerals for healthy dogs. It is small in size and features special bits that remove tartar. It is available in a variety of flavors. To make sure your dog will love it, read the ingredients list. Most pet parents look at the first five ingredients, which are the most abundant ones. Pedigree has a higher content of protein than the average dog food.

Another important factor to consider is the origin of the ingredients. Ideally, the food is made in the USA from ingredients that are grown and raised in the country. However, some manufacturers use ingredients from other countries. Be sure to check the label to ensure the ingredients are from the USA.

Lastly, animal fat is not of high quality. This is because animal fat is produced by rendering, a process that uses heat to break down animal tissue. This process results in the separation of bones, fat, and protein. The quality of this fat is questionable as it could be rancid, disabled, or diseased. It also contains artificial preservatives like butylated hydroxyanisole, which is thought to be carcinogenic in humans. It also causes tumors in animals.


If you’re looking for a quality food for your dog, Pedigree has plenty of options. Small dog food is a great choice if you’re on a budget, and the company also offers puppy food. It also makes great dog treats and biscuits. It’s made in the USA, which means it meets strict quality and manufacturing standards.

Pedigree Small Dog Targeted Nutrition is a dry dog food with animal protein, whole grain corn, and vitamins and minerals. It’s formulated for small breed dogs, and has smaller pieces for smaller mouths. However, you shouldn’t feed this food to larger dogs, and if you aren’t sure about your dog’s ideal weight, talk to your veterinarian.