Flame Points are a subset of Siamese cats and exhibit intensely affectionate behavior. Because of this trait, Flame Points can become very fixated on their owners, and can also be anxious and depressed if left alone. They can also develop a strong jealousy of other pets. For this reason, Flame Point owners often choose to keep two or more cats to ensure their pets’ happiness. Despite these qualities, Flame Points are a very gentle breed and can show their affection to owners by rubbing their cheeks and gently bunting their heads.


The flame point siamese is a color variation of the Siamese cat breed. The fur is typically thicker with more distinct markings. Its origins are in England, where it was developed from the American shorthair breed and native tabbies. It was first patented as a distinct breed in Britain in 1972. These felines have a great temperament and are easy to handle.

Flame Point Siamese are very friendly and affectionate. They love to be with their owners and will follow you around the house. However, their strong attachment to humans can cause separation anxiety. Flame Point Siamese are fast and active, and are very vocal. They may not always obey your commands, but they will do what you ask of them.

The life expectancy of a flame point Siamese is fifteen to twenty years. They can live for even longer if they receive proper care and attention. However, they are susceptible to certain health issues. Like any other breed of cat, Flame Point Siamese cats can develop certain diseases or health conditions.

Flame Point Siamese cats have a short cream coat with red points. These cats have an intense sensitivity to certain areas of their body, and this sensitivity can make them prone to acne. They may also bite and scratch at certain parts of their body when they are petted.

Flame point Siamese cats are rare breeds, and they can cost between $400 and two thousand dollars. Flame point Siamese kittens may not display full color until later in life. Unlike their female counterparts, male Flame Point Siamese cats are often a bit laid back.


The Flame Point Siamese is a highly active, playful cat that needs plenty of attention and exercise. They are also great with children and other pets. While they can be a little demanding at first, they learn quickly and do not rebel against their owners. In addition, the Siamese is a very intelligent cat.

The Flame Point Siamese cat should be fed a mix of dry and wet food. This mix is important because this breed is prone to dehydration. They also need a diet high in vitamins and nutrients. Because the Flame Point Siamese has similar physical characteristics as the regular Siamese, they share the same nutritional needs. For their dry food, veterinarians recommend Royal Canin’s Siamese breed-specific dry food, which is rich in healthy fats and vitamins.

The lifespan of the Flame Point Siamese is 15 to 20 years, which is normal for most cat breeds. However, this cat may be more prone to certain health problems and should be checked by a vet regularly. This will help detect disease at its early stages. A Flame Point Siamese may live for as long as 20 years, though their lifespan depends on a variety of factors.

Flame Point Siamese cats are easy to train. However, they need attention and reward systems in order to learn their commands. A flame point Siamese cat also requires regular grooming. It is essential to regularly brush its fur and keep the nails short. Flame Point Siamese females are generally more temperamental than their male counterparts.

The Flame Point Siamese has all of the physical characteristics of a Siamese cat. The coat is mostly white or cream, with red or orange ring stripes on the tail. Their body is generally slender and has large ears. Their eyes are blue. They are also similar to other Siamese breeds, although they do not share the athletic build of the breed.

Flame Point Siamese cats are affectionate and intelligent. If you give them time and patience, they may learn tricks such as fetch or walking on a harness. However, they do not do well if left alone for long periods. Care of flame point Siamese cats is similar to the care of other Siamese breeds.


The Flame point Siamese cat is a beautiful breed that many people prefer. Its beautiful orange and white coloring makes it a favorite of many cat owners. However, there are several things to keep in mind before purchasing a Flame Point Siamese. In addition to price, you should consider whether the cat is a suitable choice for your lifestyle.

A Flame Point Siamese kitten can cost up to $2000, depending on the breed and the breeder. Although this is an expensive breed, you can save money on this cat by adopting one from a shelter. Flame Point Siamese cats are very social and like to chat and make themselves heard.

When shopping for a Flame point Siamese cat, make sure to visit a reputable breeder. If they don’t have any kittens for sale, you can try contacting local rescue organizations and pet adoption centers. However, it’s best to stay away from backyard breeders. One of the common health problems that Siamese cats suffer from is polycystic kidney disease, which is passed on from one generation to the next.

Flame Point Siamese cats are social and easy to train. Their playful personalities will keep your family busy even if you are away. Despite being a playful and loving pet, these cats are also highly demanding and require a high-quality diet. Their diets should include lots of protein and high-quality meat.

When buying a Flame Point Siamese kitten, remember to compare prices with breeders and adoption organizations. Buying a Flame Point Siamese from a breeder will cost you more, but the breeder’s fees are often much lower than the adoption fee. Furthermore, you’ll be clearing a spot for a different animal at the adoption center.

Flame Point Siamese prices vary widely depending on the bloodline, quality of the cattery, and the gender of the kitten. You should expect to pay between $400 and $1000 for a kitten, with a pedigree Flame Point Siamese cat costing around $2000. However, you may want to purchase a kitten from a breeder who specializes in this specific cat.

Where to buy

The best place to buy a flame point Siamese is from a reputable breeder. It is important to buy from a reputable breeder, as this way, you are guaranteed that the cat you are purchasing is healthy and has all the necessary paperwork. Also, if you’re planning to buy a kitten for your family, you should check out local rescues for kittens. Purchasing a kitten from a breeder can help you avoid many of the health problems common among Siamese cats.

Flame Point Siamese are friendly and extremely affectionate cats. They often follow their humans around the house and can develop a strong attachment to their owners. They are also highly intelligent and can pick up on moods. You should always make sure that you find a breeder who uses humane breeding techniques. A breeder that practices ethical breeding practices should have documentation of vaccinations and exams. They will also likely be recognized by a cat association.

Flame Point Siamese cats are intelligent and are a great addition to a family. They are easy to train and get along well with other pets. This makes them great for households with small children. However, remember that your children must be taught how to behave around animals. Flame Point Siamese cats are easy to train and will remember your commands, making them a great family pet.

Flame Point Siamese cats require lots of attention. If left alone for long periods of time, they will be destructive around the home. They need plenty of company, a cat bed, and toys to play with. They also need regular training. Despite their high needs, they are very adaptable to other animals in the home, such as dogs, children, and even other pets.

While Flame Point Siamese cats are rare, their unique color patterns and unique personalities make them an excellent choice for a family pet. They make great pets for young children and are great companions for older pets.