There are many ways to organize your desk, including utilizing free wall space. You can also use expandable dividers in drawers to keep items separate. A simple paper tray can also make your desktop look clean and organized. If you’re having trouble keeping everything organized, consider using a cord clip to keep your electronics together.

Floating shelves are a great way to make use of empty wall space

Floating shelves are a great way of maximizing the space on an empty wall. You can use them to store books, files, and supplies within easy reach. They also look great, and they don’t take up much room. Floating shelves are also great for living rooms, where they can be placed behind the couch. You can decorate them with family photos or other items.

If you’re working from home, a floating shelf will work great as a makeshift workstation. It will add storage and a work surface, while a cute chair will add a pop of color and a comfy spot to work. Another great feature is that you can add shelves to any wall in your home and display decor, pictures, or artwork. This way, you can replace your decor with something new without having to change your workspace completely.

Floating shelves can be made of different materials and colors. Choosing wood for the floating shelves is a smart choice because it will provide a rustic touch to the room. Floating shelves can even be used to decorate, as you can decorate them with decorative boxes or succulents.

Floating shelves are also a great way to organize your desk and maximize the space available. You can also use them to hold chic bins or baskets. They also add character to any room.

Organizing drawers with expandable dividers

Expandable dividers are great for organizing drawers and other storage areas on a desk. You can find them in plastic, wood, cardboard, and other materials. When choosing a divider for a drawer, be sure to check the dimensions of the drawer to ensure that it will fit. Moreover, consider the size of the contents of the drawer. For example, large compartments are useful for storing documents and notebooks, while smaller compartments are perfect for office supplies.

Another easy desk organization idea is to use cereal boxes as drawer dividers. You can cut them into different sizes and cover them with wrapping paper. This way, you don’t have to buy expensive and bulky desk organizers. For an even cheaper DIY desk organizer, you can cut pieces of cardboard to fit drawers and tape them together.

Drawer dividers are also great for a cluttered sock drawer. These are simple to make and don’t take much time to put together. Organizing the drawer is an excellent way to reduce clutter. With drawer dividers, you can refine categories and find what you need easily. For example, you can store short socks in the back of the drawer so that they don’t obstruct your regular, long-sleeved pairs.

Another great option for desk organizers is to use monitor stands. These can create extra vertical space on your desk, and many of them have built-in storage. They can also save you valuable desktop space. You can also use letter trays and stackable cubes to free up space and organize items.

Using cord clips to keep electronics together

Multiple cords cluttering your desk can cause it to appear messy and unorganized. Using cord clips can help minimize the clutter and make your desk look more organized. Additionally, they keep all your electronics together. Using a charging station for your phone or tablet is also a great way to keep your electronic devices close by.

To keep electronics together, you can purchase cable clips in different colors and sizes. These clips can hold one cable or multiple cables and keep them from tangling. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing a cord when you need it. They are cheap and come in a variety of colors.

Another easy method to organize cords is using binder clips. These clips can keep all of your cables together and can be labeled on the top of the clip. Another alternative is to use ribbon twist ties. These are flexible and made of grosgrain ribbon that will not fray. They are also easy to wrap around cables.

To keep electronics organized, you can also use toilet paper rolls. You can also use rubber bands or bread ties to mark different cords. Also, consider using different colors of cords to ensure that you can easily identify them.

Using paper trays to create order on your desktop

Using paper trays can help you create order on your desktop. They are easy to use and can save you a great deal of time. When you open the paper tray selection dialog box, you can see what type of paper is being loaded. You can then confirm the selection or make changes.

Different trays can create different levels of order. For example, a letter-sized tray will fit standard file folders or 8.5-x-11 paper. On the other hand, a legal-size tray can accommodate oversized papers and binders. You can also find one with ribbed surfaces for extra grip when you’re trying to move papers around.

Using rolling storage carts

If you’re looking for an easy way to organize your desk, a rolling storage cart is a great option. These compact carts provide extra storage space and can be hidden right next to your desk. They’re also a great place to store everyday office supplies. A coat rack mounted above your desk is another great solution for hanging bulky items.

Rolling carts come in a variety of designs, including bar carts, tiered storage, and storage units. You can find one that fits your office and is also attractive. There are endless uses for these versatile tools. Whether you need a portable workstation or a storage space for all of your supplies, a rolling storage cart can make your workspace easier to organize.

A homeschool cart can be a great option for homeschoolers, as well. They can store anything from iPads to earbuds. Homeschool carts can hold extra math and science resources. You can even store unit studies in a separate cart. Whether you’re a teacher or homeschool mom, a rolling storage cart can make it easier to stay organized.

Using tin cans as desk organizers

If you’re looking for a creative way to keep your desk organized, consider using tin cans. These cans can be recycled and used for different crafts and projects. They can also be used as a planter or a piggy bank. Here are three examples of how you can use tin cans to make your desk a more organized space.

First, cut a piece of PVC with long sides at the top and bottom, and short sides on the sides. Next, lay a can across the top and bottom of the PVC sheet. The bottom of the can should be lined up with the bottom edge of the PVC sheet, while the top edge should hit a spot along the left side. Once you’ve done this, measure the height of the can, and mark the spot with a pencil or scissors.

Another tin can hack involves using a tin can to store a hairbrush. If you constantly need to use a hairbrush, this can be a great way to keep it organized and in reach. Another use for a tin can is to hold a ribbon. You can also use it to hold a hairbrush, which is a great way to stay groomed and ready to face the day.

Once the tin cans are prepped and painted, you can add the ribbons. Be sure to remove any labels or adhesives from the cans first. After that, you can permanently glue the ribbons in place using hot glue.