Command hooks

Command hooks are great storage solutions for your dorm room. They’re sturdy, easy to remove and won’t damage your walls. They can be used to hang backpacks, towels and other items. They’re also great for hanging jewelry and other small items. You can even hang up ID and keys near the light switch!

These inexpensive storage solutions are great for holding makeup, perfumes, and other small items. They’re great for storing small toiletries and other necessities without taking up counter space or dresser space. They can be hung above the door or on shelves. You can even find dorm-safe adhesives for mounting them.

Another great way to organize your closet is to purchase a hanging sweater organizer. A sweater hanger can fit easily into a wider dorm closet and offers easily accessible hanging storage. You can also use a wire shower caddy for school supplies and desk items. Alternatively, you can purchase drawer units to keep your clothes and accessories organized.

If you’re short on space, you can use twin bed shelves for extra storage. This will help you fit a small headboard underneath and save valuable floor space. Besides that, you can also purchase inexpensive velvet hangers to hold extra clothing. These hangers are thinner than standard hangers, which means you can fit more clothes into your closet.

Over-the-door racks

Over-the-door racks are a great option for dorm closet organization. They can hold just about anything, from underwear to a pair of shoes. The sleek design makes them a stylish upgrade from traditional door hanging storage. The racks can be folded up like fabric cubes or stacked together like drawers. They are also great for storing small items in a dorm, such as a cell phone or remote. Some even have clear pockets that make them easy to find what you’re looking for.

Another helpful dorm closet organization item is a five-piece hanger, which can hold five pieces of clothing instead of just one. This will free up more floor space. You can also use them to store small items, such as a video game console or DVD player.

For small dorm rooms, desk organizers are an essential item. They keep your desk free for important items and provide additional storage space for framed pictures or plants. Another excellent choice for dorm closet organization is a mirrored cart, which can double as a nightstand or writing surface.

College students must use the available space wisely. A small closet can be cramped, but smart storage solutions can make use of every inch of space. Over-the-door racks can maximize space and keep bulky items off the floor. And if you need to store a lot of clothing, you should consider a rolling cart. It also gives you more storage space for binders and boxes.

Clear plastic drawers

Invest in dorm closet organization solutions to save space and organize your clothing. There are various types of storage units that can help you maximize your space. You can also invest in a hanging closet organizer that will allow you to hang your clothes on individual hangers. These organizers can maximize vertical space, and they can accommodate wrinkle-prone clothing. You can also invest in small fabric bins to store undergarments and socks.

Another great way to keep everything organized is to use clear plastic drawers. This makes it easier for students to find things. Clear plastic drawers will make it easier to see where items are stored and will not interfere with any decor. This is an especially useful tool if your room is small and does not have much space. For more storage space, you can also invest in over-the-door shoe hangers and stackable containers.

If you have a lot of shoes, a hanging shoe rack is the best option. These have plenty of compartments and can be placed on the back of a door or inside a closet. They also feature hook and loop fasteners that allow you to hang them on the clothes rack or hang them on the wall. These units can also be used for dorm supplies. They are durable and come in various colors and materials.

If you don’t want to invest in hanging storage, you can buy a dorm closet organizer. It will allow you to keep your clothes neatly and organize. With so many storage options, it is possible to find an ideal storage solution for your dorm room.

Desk organizers

For those who are concerned about space, desk organizers can help save the day by adding additional shelves to the space above your desk. These shelves are great for holding books, framed photos, and even plants. They can also be placed under your desk for additional storage space. You can also opt for a cubby shelf system if you want to save space.

Desk organizers are a great way to organize your dorm room’s space and make it more functional. Having a well-organized space will help you stay focused and relaxed while doing your work. You can find stylish and functional dorm desk organizers at Pottery Barn Teen.

For those who don’t want to buy a desk organizer, you can use a rolling cart. This convenient and portable storage solution is the preferred choice of many small-space designers and organizers. They have a sleek, portable design and deep storage compartments. The rolling cart is also ideal for storing toiletries and clothes in a dorm.

Desk organizers help you save space in a dorm closet and minimize clutter. You can buy one that is compartmentalized to separate clothing and accessories. They make a dorm closet look bigger and help streamline your morning routine. They also help you keep underwear and bras separate, so you don’t have to dig through piles of clothing to find the one you need. You can also get separate drawer dividers for socks and workout clothes.

Cork board

A cork board can be a helpful dorm closet organization idea. It is a versatile storage tool that can be hung on any surface. It also gives you a decorative look. You can display inspirational images and phrases on it to boost your creativity. You can also use labels to keep important tasks visible.

A cork board can also be used for storing important documents and memos. You can hang important reminders, class schedule, and photos on it. You can even use a cork board as wall art. Glass lidded candy jars are another inexpensive storage option.

Another dorm closet organization idea is the use of a five-piece hanger. It can store five items on a single hanger, thereby saving you a lot of space. It’s also easy to install and doesn’t damage your walls. Hanging shoe organizers are also a great way to make use of space in small spaces.

Organizing vertical space is essential in college, where space is not a luxury. Some rooms share a closet with one or two people, while others are small and have no closet at all. Regardless of space, having an organized closet will help you thrive and be able to get work done without getting too stressed out.

A tin can also serve as a storage space. Instead of placing clothing on the floor, you can use it for toiletries and other small items. You can also hang hooks and shelves to keep your belongings off the floor. Lastly, you can hang a mirror or a storage organizer on the door.

Vertical storage

Hanging storage is a great way to maximize vertical space in your closet. Hanging shoe racks can be mounted on the back of your door or in your closet. They come with up to 20 pockets and three over-door hooks. You can also use vertical storage for a variety of other items, like small electronics.

Using a desk organizer to keep your books, computer, and other electronics organized will save space. The space below the desk organizer can be used for other items, such as shoes and other accessories. A wire shower caddy, for example, can be used to keep your desk items and other supplies. You can also use the desk organizer to store your coffee maker, microwave, and mini-fridge.

Another useful tool for dorm closet organization is hanging hooks. These are a great way to store heavy items and double as decor. The aforementioned hanging racks will also free up wall space for the headboard. You can even hang small decorative items, such as a plant or a coffee mug.

You can also use a hanging sweater organizer to save space in your dorm closet. It’s easier to reach and use than drawers, and it will also provide easy-to-access hanging storage for sweaters and light shoes. In addition, you can add a drawer unit on the floor to store nightshirts and underwear. A shoe storage drawer will also keep workout gear organized.