If your bedroom is small, you can get creative with storage and organization. You can use dressers as nightstands and place storage benches at the end of the bed to store linens and clothing. If you have extra space in your room, you can also install shelving units to store books, handbags, and shoes.

22 diy room organization ideas for small rooms

If you have a small room, there are plenty of ways to use the vertical space in your room to your advantage. For example, you can install a rod across the back of the dresser to hold your clothing. You can also hang your clothes on the wall. This is an excellent way to maximize the vertical space and keep your room looking neat and organized.

Adding storage boxes to shelves is another good way to maximize storage space. You can also use these storage boxes for jewelry and other small items. You can also add fabric cubes with compartments to the wall to add even more storage. A fabric door organizer is another great option that maximizes vertical space and saves space. It’s also an excellent place to store lighter items like notepads or makeup.

Organize nightstand staples with a bedside storage caddy

A bedside storage caddy is the perfect way to organize nightstand staples and keep them tidy. Designed with easy-to-clean leather texture, the caddy fits on any nightstand or dresser. It also features convenient corner snaps to secure your items. You can purchase it for $8.99 on Amazon.

You can find many different types of bedside caddies that can hold a wide range of items including glasses, tissues, pens, highlighters, and spare notebooks. You can even find bedside storage caddies on the Internet for as little as $20. Another great solution is to use small spice bottles to store small supplies, such as pens and pencils.

For small rooms, you may need to divide your room into two parts. One part may be used as a guestroom and the other for entertainment. Adding collapsible shelves is a great way to maximize storage space and provide more space for mingling.

The nightstand top is important for keeping essential items within easy reach. But without proper organization, it can become a cluttered mess, especially when items keep rolling off the table top or accidentally knocked over. Instead, keep the most used items on top and the rest of the stuff in the lower drawers. You can also store travel-size toiletries in the drawers. A bedside storage caddy organizer will make it easier for you to find the items that you need.

Organize drawers with pull-out storage drawers

Organizing drawers is a great way to keep your room looking tidy and clutter-free. Stacking clothes in your wardrobe is outdated and doesn’t optimize your storage space. A Japanese organizing consultant and best-selling author, Marie Kondo, developed the KonMari Method to organize drawers.

The first step in organizing your drawers is to decide what to keep. There are many different options for organizing drawers. One way is to create a separate section for clothes, accessories, office supplies, and other items. Then, label them according to their category.

Another great way to organize drawers is to think about your daily routine. Keep the most frequently used items in the front of the drawer. Items you use less often should go to the back of the drawer. This will free up space that you can use for other things.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be feeling good about your accomplishment. Just be sure that the system you’ve chosen works for you. If it doesn’t, change it. You don’t want to have a system that doesn’t make putting away your clothes easier.

Organize back-of-the-door storage space

Back-of-door storage is a great way to maximize space in small rooms. It’s an excellent place to put items that don’t fit in cabinets or drawers, such as pot lids and curtain rods. You can attach adjustable shelf strips to the back of doors to create a customized storage space for a wide variety of items.

A simple back-of-door storage system is inexpensive and easy to install. An over-the-door shoe organizer costs less than $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond and offers a convenient place to hang a complete outfit. Another great option is a clear stick-on organizer for small items, such as makeup brushes and barrettes.

Organize picture frames with command hooks

If you have limited space, one way to hang picture frames is by using Command picture hanging strips. These strips come in a variety of sizes so you can hang different size frames. When using command strips to hang picture frames, be sure to read the package instructions for proper surface preparation and recommended weight claims.

Renters are especially likely to use Command hooks to keep their space organized. Unlike traditional hooks, they do not damage walls. These strips are perfect for frames that do not have back hooks. You can also use them on doors and appliances, which will allow you to display a variety of items without the need to drill holes in the walls.