Many people are amazed by the power and beauty of Dead Sea Magik Bath Salts. These salts, made from mineral substances in the Dead Sea region of Israel, have been a popular component of spa treatments in Europe for hundreds of years.

Dead Sea Bath Salts is the most pure form of magnesium salts in the world. They contain the highest amount of this mineral compared to any other forms. When properly mixed with other products, they deliver a highly concentrated form of magma-derived magnesium salts, as well as a high level of minerals that help to moisturize the skin.

The Dead Sea is surrounded by thousands of miles of underwater mountains. There, in the warm, mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea, calcium carbonate crystallizes into blocks that are about three miles long called slabs.

Magnesium and potassium get combining together into Dead Sea Magik Bath Salts when the crystals get crushed by the strong salt water pressure. This chemical reaction produces small crystals with high levels of magnesium.

Many people use Dead Sea Magik Bath Salts as a rinse after a bath. The magnesium and potassium combine with the water to produce a protective coating against dry skin and flaking skin.

Its not surprising that Dead Sea Magik Bath Salts and its many derivatives are so well-liked because of the many wonderful health benefits associated with its use. The formula is also well-suited for individuals who have dry skin conditions.

For those with sensitive skin or dry skin, especially after losing a lot of weight, these bath salts may be a welcome treatment. As a substitute for creams and lotions, this bath product offers a more natural alternative that contains fewer harmful chemicals.

Unlike the harsher chemical compounds commonly found in other skincare products, the natural compounds in Dead Sea Magik Bath Salts offer anti-inflammatory benefits without the irritation. In addition, they have the added benefit of moisturizing and firming the skin.

Dead Sea Magik Bath Salts contains a combination of organic ingredients that helps to restore the natural moisture balance in the skin. Mineral-based compounds, such as Vitamin E, Manuka honey, and Rosemary oils, are good for moisturizing and healing damaged skin.

Traditional and ancient process that makes these salts are similar to the processes used to make other forms of salts used for cosmetics. Mixing together a certain amount of salts and mixing it with certain products create a product that works well for all skin types.

Many different customer care services are available to assist you with this specialized service. Some offer the ability to customize your package to include your preferred ingredients.

This special service also ensures that the Magik Bath Salts you receive will be in your favorite fragrance, thus providing you with a scented product with increased effectiveness. When you take advantage of these types of special orders, youll also receive personalized packaging for your products, so that no one else gets the same products you do.