According to the Dead Sea Collection, activated charcoal is effective, non-toxic, safe, and natural means of fighting the effects of free radicals in the body. Many natural health experts suggest that the use of oxygen in the atmosphere contains lots of negative ions that could alter our bodily chemistry and cause or aggravate certain diseases.

The condition of the skin may also be affected by these same particles that can impair the immune systems function. A number of people suffer from eye irritation when exposed to ionized air and dead sea salt, so this is another reason why this scrub is so effective.

The amount of healthy cells in your body depends on its water content, so using this kind of salt scrub is a good idea to help you increase your moisture content. This is especially important if you have problems maintaining your moisture level. In fact, just one serving of this Dead Sea Collection activated charcoal salt scrub will naturally increase your moisture level by ten percent.

The natural acidity of this Dead Sea Collection activated charcoal salt scrub, makes it an excellent addition to those who have digestive problems or the skin problem known as rosacea. It promotes faster healing of cuts and burns.

For increased levels of moisture in the body, it is advised to ingest this Dead Sea Collection Activated Charcoal Salt Scrub. For a quick energy boost, it is an ideal supplement. It also stimulates the endocrine glands, which means that it can produce the hormone that promotes collagen production.

This Dead Sea Collection Activated Charcoal Salt Scrub can provide you with a whole days supply of minerals and nutrients to help you promote a more youthful look. They provide a better alternative to regular skin creams because they are based on a unique blend of minerals and natural herbs.

The best use of this Dead Sea Collection Activated Charcoal Salt Scrub is the prevention of wrinkles. With all the research being done today, they have found that using the mineral-rich Dead Sea salts to help heal damaged skin and also prevent wrinkles will prevent it from occurring. The Dead Sea is a natural source of iron and copper that has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

It has been recommended that it has properties that act as an antioxidant and will make your skin smoother and younger looking. That said, it also has many other benefits such as anti-aging and can help reduce oil and irritation of the skin.

There are many benefits to this Dead Sea Collection Activated Charcoal Salt Scrub that can help you promote healthy, glowing skin. It has been tested on human beings that have tested positive for a number of disorders that include cancer, kidney failure, and asthma, and did not show any side effects.

If you are wondering how can a Dead Sea Salt Scrub improve your life, the answer is simple. It has many benefits that you may not have thought about including acne prevention, skin smoothing, and many others.

Some of the benefits that can be derived from the Dead Sea collection are: improved blood circulation, helps cleanse the body of toxins, and even increases mental clarity. Your skin will glow and feel soft after using this Dead Sea Collection Activated Charcoal Salt Scrub, and you will begin to notice an improved skin texture.

You are already aware of the health benefits of the Dead Sea collection, but you probably didnt know that there are many skin care products out there that have Dead Sea Minerals included in them. When it comes to your skin, there are no other ingredients that come close to the great things that this product can do for you.