If you need to organize your paperwork, you should consider adding a bookcase or a filing cabinet. This way, you can divide your papers into categories and make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Also, make sure to label certain parts of your desk so that you know what’s in each compartment. Also, limit the number of things on your desk top, and designate specific places for important documents.

Desk zoning

Desk zoning can help you manage your office space more effectively. For example, you can zone employees based on their job responsibilities. This will help reduce the amount of clutter in the office. For example, when employees are near the break room, they must constantly deal with chit chat. This can interrupt the work of people who need to read a report or handle accounting issues. Alternatively, you can zone employees by department or team to create a clear hierarchy of office spaces.

Different departments require different workspaces, equipment, and technology. This means some teams need larger cubicles, while others need smaller ones. It can be counterproductive to assign everyone to the same size cubicle, as this can make the office look unorganized and unprofessional. Another important factor to consider is the noise level of the space. If there are areas that are often noisy, you should consider putting in larger high-panel cubicles. On the other hand, if you have quieter zones, you can use smaller cubicles.

Cubicles are generally equipped with a computer and monitor. Some cubicles also include a desk phone and other work amenities. You may want to create additional work zones for each individual, such as a quiet spot, a phone area, and an area for phone conversations. Moreover, you may want to create separate creative spaces for designers.


Pegboards can be an excellent tool for organizing your office and workspace. They can help you keep track of your office supplies and are stylish, too. You can even customize your pegboard to fit your space. You can use paint and painter’s tape to create a personalized design for your pegboard. Alternatively, you can decorate the pegboard with cardstock paper and scissors.

Pegboards are also ideal for storing small office supplies. They can be used to hang magazines and other small office supplies. For more storage, you can use S-hooks. You can also hang calendars and clear poly viewers on pegboards. They are flexible and allow you to add or remove as much storage as you need.

Another useful pegboard organization idea is to use empty disinfectant bottles. You can place them on wooden knobs to create a DIY pegboard. You can also hang a cork board for notes. Another great idea is to place a pegboard backdrop above your desk. You can also hang pegboards along the walls of your cubicle.

Leather cord tacos

Cord Tacos are great organizational tools for storing tangled cords and cables. The cord tacos are small, taco-shaped holders that are made from leather. You can use them to hold extra earbuds, cables, and USB cords. These can also double as decorative items.

The cord taco is the smallest leather accessory in KMM & Co.’s collection, but it solves the universal problem of tangled cords and cables. It can also help you organize earbuds, headphones, and phone chargers. Cord tacos are a great gift idea.

Stationery organizer

If you’re struggling with cubicle clutter, you might be interested in investing in a stationery organizer. These small, portable units help you store and organize important papers and other items. They also come in handy for storing important mail or company literature. Many of these products require no assembly and can be quickly and easily stored when not in use.

Organizers come in various styles, shapes, and materials. Some are functional, while others are designed to enhance cubicle decor. You can find rose gold desk organizers that are perfect for filing files, folders, and supplies. They also have a convenient tray to catch lost paperwork. Some designs are decorative, making them appropriate for almost any room in your office.

Choosing the right size for your desk is important. You want to ensure that it will fit your personal size. Many of these products come with different sizes, so make sure to check the size chart to make sure you get the right one.


There are countless ways to organize your space with Plywood. You can leave the board unpainted or paint it in your favorite color. You can also make a desk organizer that includes a built-in phone holder and display your favorite items. This easy-to-make project is great for beginner woodworkers and can be used to hold your school and office supplies. It will also help you organize your artwork and homework.

Organizing your office supplies can help you work better and be more productive. A well-organized office will reduce clutter and stress and make your job more pleasurable. Consider using hanging organizers or systems to keep items organized. Organizing your office supplies in a single color scheme is also a great idea. Using different colors for different items can make the space appear disorganized and untidy.

Pegboards are another great way to organize your desk space. Pegboards come in many different sizes, so you can customize yours to fit your space. Urban Outfitters offers a Block Design Pegboard that features 10 large wooden pegs and five smaller ones. Another way to organize your workspace is to decorate the pegboard with paint or painter’s tape. You can also use cardstock paper to make it look more appealing.

Fabric covered walls

Fabric covered walls as cubicle organization ideas can create a custom look for any cubicle. You can choose the color and pattern of the fabric that best suits your space. The fabric covers can be removed without damaging the cubicle walls, so they can be reused. Fabric panels can also be attached to the wall with velcro strips or removable tacks.

Fabric coverings are inexpensive and easy to apply. You can also purchase decorative fabric sheets by the yard. Decorative fabric can be applied with tacks or sewing pins. There are many high-quality fabric choices that will make a statement while providing a functional, stylish look to the cubicle.

One way to use fabric covered walls is to hang corkboards or other items on them. They are also great for keeping things off your desk. You can also hang framed pictures and posters on them.

Shared storage cabinets with clearly-labeled folders

Shared storage cabinets with clearly-labelered folders can help you organize your workspace. You can put important papers in this area so you can find them easily when needed. You can also use sticky notes to keep things organized. You can also organize your files into categories and make them easy to find.

Planting succulents

If you’re in need of cubicle organization ideas, consider incorporating plants into your cubicle. There are many different types of succulents available that can be a great choice. Some of them don’t need a lot of light, so they’re perfect for cubicles, while others can thrive in partial shade. Whatever you choose, make sure the soil is well-drained so they don’t suffer from too much moisture.

Another option is hanging artwork. It’s always a good idea to have a little artistic inspiration in your workspace. Hanging plants like succulents and spider plants can add visual appeal without taking up much space. You can also try mini-sized art on the walls. The best part is that they’re low maintenance and can survive without sacrificing too much space.

Succulents are a great option for windowless cubicles, but they can’t be grown outside all year. Luckily, many succulents can be grown in containers and placed indoors. They can even survive on a sunny windowsill. Some types of succulents that grow well in a glass container include Haworthia, Gasteria, and Christmas cactus.