Clothes dividers are a great way to organize your closet. They can separate your clothing by size, color, and season. Separators also help you keep hangers organized and make it easy to put clean laundry away. Whether you use a traditional wardrobe system or a more modern approach, there are many ways to maximize the space in your closet.

Coat racks

For a coat closet that does not have enough room for hanging clothes, you can add coat racks and drawers. The first step is to measure the width of the closet, from floor to bottom. Then, add the drawer system on one side or the other. Label each drawer with the name of a family member, if possible.

Wall-mounted racks are also a great way to organize your hats and coats. These are very sturdy and have multiple hooks and cubbies to store various items. If you’re not into buying racks, you can also make one yourself. You can even use rope or copper pipes to make a hanging rack.

Keeping bulky boots organized can be challenging, but using a boot rack is one solution. The boot rack’s angled design can help preserve the shape of boots, and it can be stored even during non-boot-wearing months. Taller boots can slide over the back wooden pegs while shorter ones can slide over the front ones.

Over-the-door shoe organizers

One of the most classic shoe storage options is an over-the-door shoe rack. Over-the-door racks are great for reach-in closets, allowing users to see their shoes without opening them. Some models are built to hold as many as 36 pairs. For example, the Whitmor Over-the-Door Shoe Rack features 12 tiers and is made of sleek white resin.

Another option for over-the-door shoe storage is a decorative bin. These are easy to stack, and often come in a variety of colors. However, if space is at a premium, a built-in shoe storage system may be a better option. For added convenience, you can also buy a rolling drawer cart. Another option is a slim cabinet that can hold your sneaker collection. This storage option provides a sleek look and will add polish to your entryway.

If you don’t have much room in your closet, you can also use storage space under the stairs. These solutions allow you to maximize your storage space while leaving space for shoes you don’t wear all the time. You can also install hidden shoe storage under stairs using a DIY pullout shoe organizer.

Lastly, a plastic shoe box can be placed on the shelves of your closet. Many plastic shoe boxes are stackable and allow easy access. They can also be stored under hanging clothes and are great for storing fashion accessories. They are also great for storing children’s shoes and flip flops.

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution for your shoe storage needs, a shoe storage box may be a good option. These storage boxes come with adjustable dividers and a transparent cover that keeps dust from accumulating. A clear cover can also make it easier to see what you have without opening them.

Valet hooks

Valet hooks are a convenient addition to a closet, and you can install them on the back of the door or wall. They give you additional rod space and can be folded up when not in use. These can be very helpful when you need to hang several items at once, like workout clothes or dry cleaning bags.

Valet hooks are also useful for storing small items. Belts, for example, tend to get draped over dressers and other furniture. Using a sliding belt rack can help preserve the shape and appearance of your belt. Valet hooks are also an excellent option for storing a variety of smaller items, such as lingerie. You can also use four-position hangers to store belts and other accessories. These will also create extra hanging space in your closet.

Valet hooks are a great way to store transitional clothing, and they can also be used to store hats. You can store hats in baskets or shelves, but a dedicated hat hook will keep them off the floor. Valet hooks can be mounted to any vertical panel in the closet, so you don’t have to rely on drawers or shelves.

Another great accessory for the closet is the valet rod. The valet rod is a step up from the standard hook, and comes in different lengths. It does not replace the closet rod, but it makes it much easier to move clothes from one place to another. The valet rod mounts to the side of a closet panel, or on the bottom of a fixed shelf. It is easy to install and takes up minimal space when installed.

A valet hook on the door is another great option for storing smaller articles of clothing. It is an easy way to organize smaller articles of clothing and is great for closets that have hard-to-reach shelves. If you want to use a valet hook to store your hats, you can buy a valet hook that has a valet knob on it. It’s a great way to keep your winter and summer hats together and out of the way.

Clear glass shelving

Clear glass shelving has a number of benefits. It can be a great way to display personal items like books, artwork, and other decorative pieces. Moreover, it can make it easier to find items you’re looking for. The transparent material can also help create a light and airy atmosphere. A clear glass shelving system reinforces the brightness of white rooms and prevents a room from feeling too dark.

Whether you’re working on a small space or a large closet, clear glass shelving units can be tailored to fit the space and your needs. They’re also durable and easy to clean. Also, you can add LED lights to brighten up your storage space. Whether you need more storage space for your shoes, accessories, or other items, a glass shelf can help you keep everything neat and organized.

Another great option is to use Ikea’s Grundtal collection. This kit features five shelves and one closet rod. It also features custom trays and boxes for smaller items. The shelves can be reversed to accommodate more pairs of shoes and other accessories. A floor pouf completes the luxurious look.

If you want to get more organized, use a combination of both options. You can add shelves and drawers to create the ultimate closet organizer. This way, you can create more nooks and crannies for clothes. You can even include a shoe shelf to store your favorite t-shirts.

Over-the-door pantry organizer

An over-the-door pantry organizer is an excellent way to keep your pantry organized and easy to reach. It has durable hooks that hang easily over most doors. It is quick to set up, too. With a six-tier design, this pantry organizer will fit over most doors. Whether you use a standard or sliding door, you’ll find a suitable one for your needs.

An over-the-door pantry organizer is an excellent choice for small to medium sized kitchens. The varying-sized baskets provide plenty of room for storing spices, cleaning supplies, snacks, and toiletries. A durable, powder-coated metal design makes it sturdy and easy to assemble. You can reposition the baskets on the rack without tools.

Smart Design’s six-tier over-the-door pantry organizer is a quick and easy solution to keeping pantry items organized. It features steel hooks for hanging over the door and includes screws. It is also versatile, fitting perfectly in any home or office scene. It can even be used in the garage.

Another over-the-door pantry organizer is the Windsor Home Over-the-door pantry organizer. It comes with six multi-purpose shelves for storing multiple items. Aside from being versatile, it comes with a hook, so you can hang it anywhere. These organizers have a 5-year limited warranty.