Fall River is a city in the state of Massachusetts. With over 94,000 people, it is the tenth largest city in the state. This article explores several things to do in Fall River. The city is located in Bristol County. Some things to do in Fall River include the Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River, Portugalia Marketplace, and Lizzie Borden House.

Battleship Cove

If you’re looking for things to do in Fall River, Massachusetts, consider visiting Battleship Cove. This nonprofit maritime museum is home to the largest collection of World War II naval vessels. Its exhibits include the highly decorated battleship USS Massachusetts. The museum also provides a unique perspective on the history of the United States.

Visitors to Battleship Cove can tour an array of World War II naval ships, submarines, and other vessels. The museum also has indoor exhibits about various World War II engagements and the experiences of the crew. Among the ships on display is the USS Massachusetts, one of the few survivors of its class.

In addition to the Battleship Cove museum, there are many other things to do in Fall River. The town’s waterfront is beautiful and offers plenty of opportunities for strolling. Kids will enjoy the Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River. The museum encourages learning and helps build family bonds.

Battleship Cove is a nonprofit maritime museum in Fall River, Massachusetts. It contains the world’s largest collection of World War II naval vessels. You can see a battleship, a submarine, a PT boat, a Japanese suicide boat, and more. The museum is open seven days a week, and admission is free on birthdays! You can also tour the USS Massachusetts and the Battleship Massachusetts, and take an oral history program. Its Veterans’ Voices Oral History Project collects and preserves the stories of WWII veterans.

If you’re looking for a romantic place to spend a romantic day with your partner or family, then Battleship Cove is a great place to visit. While you’re there, you can also check out the Maritime Museum, which is one of the top attractions in Fall River. This museum is home to the largest Titanic exhibit in the world. The museum also houses a number of unique maritime artifacts.

Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River

Children will love this museum for its interactive displays geared toward different age groups. There are hands-on science, math, and technology exhibits to engage the senses. The arts are also featured in the museum. You can also see live performances and other events geared towards families. The museum is located in Fall River, MA and offers parking and free admission.

The Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River has been thriving inside the former Bristol County Superior Courthouse on North Main Street for more than a decade. Recently, its newest exhibit, Outer Space, was unveiled by executive director Jo-Ann Sbrega. The exhibit was developed by students in the Electronics Technology Department at Diman Regional Vocational-Technical High School.

The Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River features a wide range of themed rooms that keep kids entertained. The rooms are colorful and imaginative, and there’s plenty of room for kids to play. The museum also offers one-time events and regular activities. Parking is easy to find, and the admission fee is very reasonable.

Children’s Museum Of Greater Fall River has a headquarters in FALL RIVER, MA and several other offices around the area. There are several different ways to apply for a position at the Children’s Museum Of Greater Fall River, and the salary you’ll earn depends on where you work and what you’re responsible for.

Portugalia Marketplace

A new segment on the popular television show “No Passport Required” features the Portuguese-inspired Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River. The show’s producers spent more than an hour filming at the Fall River store last February, and the episode is now online. You can check out the full episode by clicking here. The show focuses on the Portuguese-language community in Massachusetts. It follows two people who made the journey from Portugal to the United States.

The Portuguese-inspired food market offers traditional and exotic Portuguese flavors. The market is located in a restored mill that once served the textile industry. The Portuguese-American business has expanded its offerings over the years, incorporating the produce of local farmers. The Portuguese-inspired menu is a mashup of the best of traditional Portuguese cuisine and the agricultural economy of the region.

Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River is a unique destination for food lovers. Once a vast textile mill, the shop has been lovingly restored to provide shoppers with a delightful experience. The market features fresh fruits and vegetables, gourmet groceries, and Portuguese wines. You can also get coffee, espresso, and a delicious lunch or dinner. And don’t forget to try their fine salt cod.

The Fall River region has been featured on TV several times in recent years. One episode starred Bill Murray and a segment on the Mee Sum Restaurant was filmed on CNN. The Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River has also received national media coverage. Saveur magazine recently featured a multi-page feature on the Portuguese food market. The print issue is out now, but it’s also available online for a longer period of time.

Benevides’ expansion plans coincide with the boom of Portuguese tourism in the U.S. His vision is to make Portugalia a destination for people from the entire world. With the growth in Portuguese tourism, the Portuguese food culture is becoming increasingly popular among Americans, and Benevides is hoping to continue the trend. He explains how people can prepare traditional Portuguese dishes.

In the past year, a segment of “No Passport Required” filmed at the Fall River foods store. It included an article on the Portuguese influence in Macau and an interview with a famous Portuguese chef.

Lizzie Borden House

Located on 230 Second Street in Fall River, Massachusetts, the Lizzie Borden House tells the tragic story of a double murder. The house is a must-see for history buffs. You can learn about Lizzie Borden’s life, the double murder, and more.

The museum is not only about history, but about the paranormal. It’s believed that Lizzie Borden herself haunts the house. She was acquitted of murdering her parents, but the trial made her infamous. This murder case drew hundreds of tourists to Fall River.

The house is open to the public for tours. Tours are available daily, and about ten to 100 people stop by each day. Guests can also go on a ghost hunt at night. The haunted house is often packed on weekends. You can tour the house and visit the guest room where the murder occurred.

The Lizzie Borden House is also available to stay overnight. The house has two bedrooms, and guests are given an exclusive tour of the house. The Lizzie Borden House even offers a room with extra beds if necessary. Just make sure to check the capacity of the rooms before booking.

If you’re looking for a haunted house with a unique history, the Lizzie Borden House is a must-see attraction. The house is well-preserved and gives a glimpse into life in the 1800s. You’ll even find exciting artifacts from the murder. If you’re a fan of historical fiction and the supernatural, you should visit the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts.

In addition to the Victorian decor, the Lizzie Borden House also features a room with a crime scene photo. Guests can also stay in Lizzie Borden’s room, which is just as elegant as her own. The Bed and Breakfast also offers free WiFi and an interactive tour of the home.

Lizzie Borden House is home to one of the most famous unsolved murder cases in American history. The murder occurred here on August 4, 1892, and the house is considered one of the most haunted places in the U.S. Today, the house is a museum and bed and breakfast. There are also several events and activities taking place throughout the year. Visitors can participate in a Victorian dinner, play an escape room, or participate in a ghost hunt.