Before you start organizing your closet, make sure you get rid of all the clutter and problem areas. Then, take a good look at the space and measure everything out. This will help you determine what types of organization systems are best for you. These can include built-ins, a Lazy Susan, and matching hangers and baskets.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are frequently seen in the kitchen, but you can use them to organize your closet as well. These inexpensive storage solutions are perfect for people who have more clothes than space. The rotating mechanism will allow you to store everything on one level. You can also use a divider to keep your stacks from getting too crowded.

One of the many benefits of a lazy Susan is the convenience it offers. It’s not only functional, but it is also fun to use. You can use it to hold your child’s art supplies or office supplies. Besides, the kids will love the spinning feature. This closet organization solution will also help you to reduce the amount of time it takes to put on shoes.

Another great feature of a Lazy Susan is that it’s easy to organize. You can create a separate section for spices. One pan can contain baking spices, while the other can hold savory seasonings and everyday spices. Once you have organized them, you can easily access them and use them without sifting through piles of piled-up items.

Matching hangers

Choosing matching hangers for your closet can help minimize visual clutter and give your closet a more streamlined appearance. However, selecting the right types depends on your personal style and budget. A good rule of thumb is to use the same color for all hangers in your closet. This will give the whole thing a cohesive look and make the closet feel larger.

Using the same type of hanger for all your items is not only more effective but also more convenient. Keeping all of your items at the same height is another great way to improve the way you organize your closet. Having everything at the same height will make it easier to locate items. To save space, consider buying closet organizers that are slim and lightweight.

Purchasing matching hangers will not only make your closet look cleaner, but it will help you maximize space. You will be able to align your clothes better and keep them from slipping down. When clothes are not evenly hung, they tend to take up more space, and they also don’t look as nice. In addition to hanging your clothes on matching hangers, make sure you use the space behind the closet door. Many people do not use this area, but it’s an important storage option.

Bins and baskets

Bins and baskets can be used for a number of storage needs. They can be used for hidden storage, or they can be made visible for easy access. Baskets come in a variety of sizes, including shallow ones for miscellaneous items and large ones for folded clothes. You can also nest or stack them for additional organization.

Baskets can be used for various purposes, such as for organizing laundry and bathroom supplies. Baskets that are made of a durable material are great for holding soaps, sponges, and cleaning products. They will not be damaged by water or chemicals. Baskets can also be used to brighten up a plain closet. For example, colored baskets with labels can be used to store clothing and accessories. Using labels on the baskets can help children remember where to put everything.

Bins and baskets are also excellent for keeping smaller articles of clothing organized. They are especially useful in hard-to-reach places. Bins can hold socks, tights, hats, and other small articles of clothing. They can also be used for storing off-season clothing. The added benefit of using bins and baskets is that you’ll be more likely to return the items to their designated places.

Shelf dividers

There are several reasons to use shelf dividers for closet organization. These tools can help you store your clothes in a more organized fashion, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. They can be rearranged to make more space on your shelves. They’re also flexible and won’t mark or dent your shelves.

Whether you’re a shopper or a home decorator, there are a number of options to choose from. Some dividers are clear, which can protect your shelves from chipping paint. Others are plastic-coated, which won’t rust and won’t snag. Either way, these dividers are convenient to use and have a 12″ height for easy access. Shelf dividers for closet organization are best purchased from trusted sellers, which offer 100% satisfaction guarantees and 30-day easy returns.

These dividers can help you create multiple storage spaces and easily classify different types of items. They’re also easy to install and can be moved without any tools. They also don’t damage your shelves and are adjustable, so you can move them whenever you want to change the configuration of your closet.


Labeling your closet is an important step for closet organization. This simple step will make it easier for you to find the items you need when you need them. You can easily create DIY labels to help you stay organized. These labels don’t have to be elaborate and can say whatever you want. Labels can also be repositioned as necessary.

Using different colored labels is another great organization tip. Different colored labels indicate different kinds of items. For example, green labels denote financial papers while red labels are for health paperwork. Yellow labels are for household items. In addition, using different colors to label containers can be helpful for multi-user work spaces.

Once you have sorted out the categories, you can organize the items within the closet. A great way to start is to remove old, useless clothes and other items that don’t have a natural home in your closet. You can then organize items by using different types of storage containers and shelving. These options are also great if you want to make your closet look more appealing.


Lighting your closet is a great way to keep your things organized and free of clutter. There are many types of lights available, including LEDs, battery powered lights, and fixtures that screw into the wall. The right lighting can also be decorative and make your closet feel more luxurious. These options can add a warm glow to your closet, while saving energy and money.

Some of the most effective closet lighting ideas include recessed LED strips that can illuminate shelves individually or the bottom of the closet. Another practical lighting solution is LED rope lights, which can be wrapped around rods or placed on undersides of shelves. The right lighting can make finding small items much easier and convenient. In addition, LEDs are energy efficient, so they are great choices for any closet.

Another great lighting solution for a closet is a glass door. Not only does this give your closet a retail look, but it also protects your clothing from dust. These glass-front doors can be purchased at stores like IKEA.