The Maine Coon Solkatz Pretty Boy Floid is a male chimera with a red, blue, and white colour pattern, an almost impossible combination. In addition, a male Cornish Rex called Poldhu is fertile and blue-cream-white, indicating that he may have been a XY chimera, although it is unclear whether this is the case.


If Calboy’s calico is a chimera, is it fair game to enter him in cat shows? Whether he competes depends on the judges’ decision. The International Cat Association, which is separate from the National Association of Cat Shows, has not put any restrictions on chimeras.

A Calboy chimera is a unique hybrid of two kinds of DNA. The DNA is carried by different cells in the cat’s body. Some of these cells are blue, while others are red and white. The Calboy’s name comes from his calico coloration.

Calboy is one of the rare male chimeras. Although chimeras have two sets of DNA, they can reproduce. The chimera gene is rare and is passed down from one parent to another through a female. Stevenson tested Calboy’s DNA at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California. This confirmed that he is a true chimera. Calboy has a mother with a red coat and a father who is black. His DNA came from two different cats.

While Calboy is a chimera, CFA rules do not allow male chimera cats to compete in cat shows. They are not allowed to win a championship due to their unique patterning. However, they can still participate in agility competitions and household pets categories. However, Stevenson hopes that the CFA will eventually accept Calboy as a boy. If a chimera were a girl, it could win the best-in-show award.

Another rare Maine Coon is the calico Calboy from Dawntreader Texas. While calico cats are almost always female, Calboy’s parents were not aware of his gender until he was 12 weeks old. Because of this, Calboy’s color is often mistaken for that of his mother’s.

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Brutus the Beauty

Meet Brutus, a six-month-old Maine Coon cat. He has the heart of a kitten. A true beauty and affectionate, he enjoys playing and being around humans. This adorable kitten is the perfect family pet. Here are 11 more adorable Maine Coon kittens.

A Maine Coon is an extremely intelligent and trainable cat. These cats are often referred to as “dog-like” cats and they enjoy being part of the family. Because of their inquisitive nature, they can be quite intrusive and may require a separate room from their owner. They are also fond of water, and they may try to sneak into the bathroom or wash their food in it.

Dawntreader Texas Calboy

Mistelle Stevenson has a male calico cat named Dawntreader Texas Calboy. When Calboy was born, his parents assumed that he would be a female. But when he was 12 weeks old, they discovered that he was a male.

A judge had the option of disqualifying the chimera for being genetically abnormal. However, that didn’t stop Calboy from entering the cat show. Although he’s a beautiful calico, the chimerism makes him unique and difficult to breed. The breed is rare, but plenty of females pass through cat shows.

A chimera cat is a cat with two sets of DNA. It has one set of DNA from one parent and one from another. They are very rare – only about ten cats in the world are chimeras. The veterinary genetics lab at the University of California confirmed Calboy’s chimerism. Calboy’s appearance made the judges do a double take at a show in Houston.

The CFA has amended its rule on genetic anomalies. This means that genetically altered cats can still compete in the household pet and agility categories. While they cannot win a championship, they can win a Best in Show award in a cat show. Calboy has even competed in a cat show sponsored by the International Cat Association, one of the two rival organizations of the CFA.