When it comes to champion Maine Coons, they are a hard act to follow. Typically, the Maine Coon Show is held in summer, when the weather is much better and travel is easier. In the past, there have been several champion Maine Coons, and two different coons have won three times.

Sarnia Cherie

The Central Maine Coon Cat Club has left a legacy for the breed in the form of records, publicity, and breed standards. The Maine Coon cat club’s efforts sparked interest in the breed among cat lovers in many different parts of the United States. The club’s cats also began to show in other organizations and breed clubs. Most recently, they have started showing their cats in the Any Other Variety class.

Some of the sires of this champion maine coons are Cloverleaf Skagit Prince, Flying Horse Clara’s General, and Fra-Mar Coronation Noble. The champion mares from the same breeding program are named after a breeder in Gooding, Idaho. The breeders at this farm are Harold A. Steele and Maryann.

Cherie is a female Maine Coon that has become a champion. She was the first female Maine Coon to win the championship. Her owner, Saffi Rabey, is a 36-year-old BMW sales executive. Tutti doesn’t mind her hairdryer and doesn’t mind getting her hair blow-dried, but she admits that her colleagues find her hobby a bit odd.

In the early days of the breed, Maine Coons competed in the Foreign Section, where they were considered a “foreign type” and a “foreign” breed. Although the breed was largely unknown, it was soon gaining recognition among other breeds. The club’s quarterly magazine, The Scratch Sheet, began to feature entries in various associations. By the year 1988, various clubs recognized the breed. In the following year, the club entered its first competition at the Maidstone & Medway Show. The judge was Helen Light, a long-standing judge of the breed.

The Central Maine Coon Cat Club held 11 shows between 1953 and 1963. The winning Maine Coon received the title of “Maine State Champion Coon Cat”. Some of these cats went on to become notable champions. One of the notable winners was Mrs. Whittemore’s solid white neuter, which was later named Major Sno Sheen. The other two were blue-tipped and grey.

In 1992, Maine Coons were granted Provisional Status. This meant that they could compete in Open Classes and earn an Intermediate Certificate. A few good cats retired from the show bench at that time, but others continued to gain Merit Certificates throughout their twenties.

GC Coonpals the king and I

GC Coonpals the king & I is a stunning red & white Classic Tabby with a rich tawny coat. This handsome male is 3.5 months old and the grandson of GC COONPALS PLACIDO DOMINGO II. Located in the beautiful southern California, this handsome cat is an ideal pet for a loving family.

GC Coonpals the queen

GC Coonpals the queen is an elegant female with brown patches. She is the Grand Champion and winner of the SE Region Championship Cat Show. She comes with updated veterinarian health services and a deluxe gift bag filled with cat toys and grooming items. She is a beautiful addition to any family.