If you are looking for a better way to store your brooms and mops, you can look for a broom rack. These storage systems come in various styles and prices. Some options are more durable and affordable, while others are more expensive. Regardless of your budget, these storage solutions will make your home or office more organized.

Hanging a broom vs. hanging a rack

There are two ways to store your brooms: hanging them on a rack or on the floor. Hanging a broom will keep gravity pressure off the bristles, while hanging a rack will hold your broom in place while allowing you to reach the broom without bending over. It is also a good option for pole handle tools.

Using a gravity-controlled broom hook as a rack

A gravity-controlled broom hook is an alternative to a standard hook that is designed for long, slender poles. The hook works on a hinge and raises and lowers to hold the handle of a broom anywhere along the length of the pole. Gravity hooks are also extremely sturdy and will not damage broom poles.

Another benefit of this product is its flexibility. It’s easy to use and holds brooms, dusters, walking sticks, dust pans, and other cleaning tools. It has five positions and comes with screws for mounting.

Mounting a broom holder on the back of a door

First, you should prepare the wall surface for mounting the broom holder. Use a level to line up the holes. You should also make sure the holder is securely mounted to the wall. Be careful not to place too much weight on it – this can cause serious damage to the wall. The weight of the broom holder may pull drywall anchors out of the wall, which is not a good situation.

If the door is not wooden, you can mount a broom holder on the wall. The mounting hardware is already included in the kit. Ensure the holder is mounted in a location that is out of the way of swinging doors. Otherwise, a person passing by could knock it over.

Using a track system for garage walls

Using a track system on the garage walls to store mops and squeegees can make an area look more organized. Track systems can be made of PVC or aluminum and have grooves for hooks. These hooks can be installed just about anywhere on the wall, and they don’t require cleats or other fixings. The tracks are also versatile enough to allow you to install specialty hooks on them.

A track system for the garage walls can also be used to hang brooms. This is a more convenient option than storing brooms on the floor. Hanging brooms avoids the gravity pressure on the bristles. A hook or rack can keep the brooms in place. A similar system can be used for pole handle tools.

Another great product to keep brooms and mops organized is a wall-mounted mop and broom holder. This device can hold a mop and broom, as well as other cleaning tools. The holder is easy to install and weighs less than half a pound. It also comes with screws and mounting hardware. The holder can be installed in about five minutes.