If you’re looking for a new pet, you may want to consider border collies for sale near me. These medium-sized dogs are athletic and have a variety of coat patterns. Some breeders will offer rough collies while others will only sell smooth ones. Regardless of the type of coat, border collies have a good temperament and are gaining popularity with pet owners across the country.


Border Collies are a British breed of herding dogs. They are medium-sized and are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They are a descendent of landrace sheepdogs that were standardized in the Anglo-Scottish border region. They are known for their vigour and loyalty.

They have excellent obedience, tracking, and herding skills. They are also highly intelligent and trainable. They are among the top competitors in many dog sports, including obedience, sheepdog trials, and Frisbee. Their adaptability, intelligence, and drive make them ideal for the dog sports world.

In Australia, there are a number of breed standards that govern the appearance and temperament of Border Collies. A good breeder will use breed standards to help ensure a quality dog. The breed standard for Border Collies states that different colours are permitted, but white should not be predominant in the coat.

You can find breeders by visiting the Northeast Border Collie Association’s breeder directory. While the NEBCA does not endorse specific breeders, they do recommend that prospective owners purchase dogs from proven working stock. Before purchasing a puppy, it is best to visit a breeder’s site and observe the dogs in action.

Inbreeding is another problem in Border Collies. While Border Collies are a relatively common breed, they have high levels of inbreeding. There’s an example of a two-year-old Italian bitch with Australian and New Zealand roots, with a 25 percent coefficient of inbreeding. This high percentage of inbreeding is unsustainable and may affect the breed’s long-term health.

Glaucoma is another concern for Border Collies. In the last 15 years, breeders have been reporting an increasing number of young dogs with the disease. While there are no specific causes, researchers have found a genetic region and variant that can influence the development of the disease. The knowledge gained from these studies could help breeders reduce the risk of the disease.


Prices of Border Collies for sale near me can vary greatly, depending on the breed and quality. A purebred dog will cost between $600 and $1,200, and a show quality dog may cost even more. However, a quality dog will be well worth the extra money.

There are many different colors and coat types available for Border Collies. Red and white Border Collies are rare and more expensive than their black and white counterparts. A rare color like lilac can sell for over $4,000. A merle Border Collie can cost more than $3,000. Buying a border collie will depend on where you live and the breeder.

Border Collies are an excellent choice for people who are interested in a working dog. This breed is great at reading situations and will listen to commands. They are loyal and loving, but can also be independent. However, they need a large yard and at least two hours of daily exercise.

Border Collies can be solid, merle, or sable. They are also a good choice for owners who want a dog with a strong temperament. They can be trained in obedience and scent detection. Depending on their temperament, they can even compete in dog sports.

Border Collies should be placed in a family with active children. They can be destructive if bored. They can reach a height of 19 to 22 inches and weigh between 30 and 55 pounds. Their average lifespan is between 12 and 15 years. The costs of Border Collies for sale near me can range anywhere from $600-$1,200. You can even spend more if you are buying a show-quality bloodline.

Regardless of where you purchase your new Border Collie, it’s important to make sure the dog has been neutered and is AKC-registered. This can help prevent problems like skin infections and respiratory problems.

Health issues

Although it may seem unlikely, border collies can develop a range of health problems. These issues are largely genetic and can occur at any age. Hip dysplasia, for example, is a very common orthopedic disease in dogs. It can cause pain, stiffness, and an abnormal gait in puppies. Treatment for this condition varies depending on the severity and the age of the affected puppy.

Health problems of border collies are common and may require a veterinarian’s attention. Border Collies are susceptible to several ailments, including a condition called hypothyroidism. This condition is characterized by a lack of thyroid hormone, which causes dry skin and hair loss. Symptoms can include fearlessness, aggression, and weight gain. Blood tests are usually necessary to check for symptoms and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Other health problems can occur in Border Collies, such as bone marrow disease. This condition affects the immune system, making it unable to fight infections. Puppies with this condition may be harder to detect than healthy dogs. They may look smaller and be more susceptible to infections. However, a genetic test can help to determine if your puppy is at risk for this disorder.

Another health issue in Border Collies is inherited eye disease. This condition can lead to blindness. In some cases, genetic tests can reduce the risk of this condition. In others, a dog may develop cataracts or eye defects. Some dogs are born with a genetic disorder called Collie Eye Anomaly, which is a serious inherited eye disease.

Border collies are prone to glaucoma. This eye disease is hereditary and can result in cloudy eyes, sunken eyeballs, and eventually blindness. Thyroid disorders, meanwhile, interfere with the production of hormones and cause lethargy, hair loss, and weight gain. In addition, they can experience a range of other problems.

Where to find a border collie puppy

Whether you are looking for a puppy for your new home or are looking for a dog for a special occasion, it is important to find a breeder near you who is experienced in raising and selling Border Collies. Border Collies are a popular breed and are widely available for purchase.

When looking for a breeder, you will want to be sure the breeder has a good reputation. Buying a Border Collie from a reputable breeder is safer and more responsible than purchasing one from a pet shop. A reputable breeder will have tested the dogs and ensure that they are healthy. They should also be willing to take back a puppy if it has issues or you cannot take care of it.

If you are looking for a border collie breeder, you can start your search online. You can visit websites like Kandu to find a breeder near you. This website will list puppies and breeders and will also let you know whether the breeder has any waitlists or not.

A border collie is an energetic dog that craves attention and affection. They are loyal and intelligent, but need a person with plenty of time to keep their mind and body active. In addition to being loving, border collies also get along with other dogs and children, which is why early socialization is a must.

If you’re a person who enjoys being active, you should consider adopting a Border collie. They have a high energy level and make great companions for athletes. In addition to herding sheep, Border collies enjoy agility and advanced obedience, so you should be able to find a dog that is up for any type of sport.