If you have a big closet, there are a few ideas that can help you get rid of clutter. The first is to organize your clothing according to height and bulkiness. Short and mid-length clothing should be kept in lower racks, while long dresses and bulky coats should be kept on higher shelves. Another big closet organization idea is to use visual organizers, which can help you group items by color or category. Also, try to keep your high-use items within easy reach. You can also stick accessories to the walls.

Walk-in closets

Organizing a walk-in closet doesn’t have to be hard, and you can find many simple and effective ways to keep everything in its proper place. You just need to know how to utilize every square inch of the space. A walk-in closet doesn’t have to look drab and outdated. It can actually be a beautiful and stylish space. Blogger Kelly from View Along the Way, for instance, used her walk-in closet to create practical storage solutions, including built-in shelves.

The first step in walk-in closet organization is to declutter. Before organizing your closet, you need to decide how much storage space you really need. Then, organize your closet according to the type of clothing you have. You may also want to install hanging rods in the closet, either inside it or in the corners.

Hanging shoe storage is another way to organize a walk-in closet. These units are lightweight and easy to install, and can hold up to eight pairs of shoes. They are also easily maneuverable. This is especially convenient if your walk-in closet is narrow. You can move the hanging shoe storage around if you need more space for other things.

One of the easiest ways to organize a walk-in closet is to get rid of excess furniture. You can buy inexpensive pieces that can be reused many times. You can also use wallpaper to cover walls. One great way to get a closet makeover is to use Ikea’s Pax closet organizing system. You may be surprised at how much stuff you can fit in a closet this size. You can also get rid of your bedroom dresser to create a more spacious closet.

You can also use containers like plastic crates and clear storage bins. You can also buy labels to label your items. These organizers are easy to install and will give you plenty of storage space for your clothes.

Storage solutions for bulky items

If you have a huge closet, you can use storage solutions to fit bulky items. For example, you can put over-the-door organizers for hard-to-fold items on shelves. Another storage solution is bins made of breathable fabric, which keep dust and other odors at bay. They come with attached lids and clear windows, and they are small enough to fit on shelves and on the closet floor.

Coat racks

Coat racks are a great way to make your closet more functional and organized. You can use them to separate similar items within the space, such as jackets, hats, and gloves. You can also use them to organize other items, such as scarves, by color or type.

When using a coat rack as a big closet organization idea, make sure you measure the width of the coat closet. This will help you determine where to place your hooks. In addition, consider adding a drawer system. You can add a row of drawers along one side of the closet and label each one with a family member’s name.

To make your closet more functional, use racks with dividers to separate your clothing items by color, size, and season. You can also label your dividers, so that you can easily identify what belongs where. These dividers can also keep hangers organized so that you don’t have to dig through a pile of clothing to find it.

Another big closet organization idea is to hang large purses on inside door hooks. Large purses take up a lot of valuable closet space. Hanging them on the inside door will free up space in your closet for your other belongings. Coat racks are also a great way to store miscellaneous accessories.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are great for storing makeup, toilet paper, and other personal items. A small double-decker lazy Susan is perfect for storing small items. Larger versions are great for keeping science experiments and other infrequently used items. Lazy Susans can be placed under the sink or inside a linen closet.

While you’re organizing your closet, you might want to consider purchasing one of these organizers. They will help you keep more items organized in a more efficient way. Plus, they’re fun to use. A lazy Susan can hold up to eight pounds of items! This handy tool can also help you save shelf space.

A Lazy Susan can help organize your deep shelves, too. It makes it easy to reach items even if you have to bend over to pick them up. A Lazy Susan also makes it easy to scan the contents of a long shelf, letting you know when you need to replenish items. Make sure to choose the right size for your storage area.

Another easy and affordable way to organize a large closet is to use bins. This way, you can label them to make it easier to find the items you need. You can then tote the bin to the next task and put it back on the shelf. Labeling the bins is essential to keep everything in its place.

Wood boxes

Wooden crates and boxes are perfect for storing things. You can use them to store important documents, work papers, tax information, or just about anything you’d rather keep out of sight. You can even use them for your desktop storage. They have a rustic look and make the perfect storage for magazines and books. They also look great beside a sofa or coffee table.

Another great choice for under-the-bed storage are wooden crates. You can find many different styles for them on websites like abeautifulmess. They also make great storage for the laundry room or closet. For a more modern look, you can spray paint them black or even put wheels on them.

If you want to create an organized closet, you should start by planning your organization system based on the way you organize your wardrobe. Consider what you reach for most often and what you use the least. This way, you can avoid wasting space on unnecessary items. And don’t forget to label your boxes and drawers.

If your closet is too small for a full-sized organizer, you can try hanging organizers. They can hold small accessories such as jewelry. You can also use clear acrylic file dividers to keep your dirty duds and accessories separated. If you need extra storage space, you can use a wire mesh frame or hat rack.