If you are looking for a closet organizer, there are many options available. The Better Homes & Gardens 4-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer is a great option for closets with a lot of space. It is made of durable gray fabric and features four storage compartments and a hanging rack.

Better Homes and Gardens’ Charleston Collection 6 Shelf Closet Organizer

If you want to maximize your closet space and save space at the same time, a Better Homes and Gardens’ 4-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer is a great option. This unit features four storage compartments and a hanging rack, and comes in durable gray fabric.

This unit comes fully assembled with four metal hooks for hanging clothes. The six vertical compartments and three fold-out side pockets provide plenty of room to store your clothing. Designed to fit inside an existing closet system, this unit will complement existing closet systems. In addition, this product works well with stand-alone garment racks.

This unit also features four space-saving shoe compartments. The compartments can hold up to 11 pounds each. These shelves will make your closet appear more organized and sanitary. Shoes are especially difficult to store in a closet. Shoe space can become a problem when you’re rushing to meet an appointment. This space-saving shoe organizer features four compartments, so that you can store your shoes without crowding your closet with clothes.

Rubbermaid’s Configurations Closet Kit

If you are looking for a closet system that is affordable, easy to assemble and highly customizable, consider the Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kit. This kit is designed to fit most walk-in closets and reach-in closets and includes telescoping rods and expanding shelves to maximize storage space. It adds about 12 feet of shelving and 10 feet of hanging space to your closet. Another option is the Simple Houseware freestanding tower system, which doesn’t require mounting and comes with four shelves and two rods.

The Configurations Closet Kit is compatible with Rubbermaid’s other configuration kits. Its stainless steel construction makes it easy to customize the height and location of your shelves. You can add shelves to the top or bottom and even place a full length clothing rod in the middle. You can also add wire drawers for easy storage.

Home Edit clear bin

Better Homes and Gardens’ new Home Edit clear bin range offers a stylish solution for your storage needs. The streamlined, clear design lets you see everything in your storage container without having to open it. There are five pieces in the range, including an Everything Stacking Bin, a Narrow Bin, a Turntable, and a Turntable/Narrow Stacking Bin.

This multipurpose collection comes with multiple uses for a variety of household needs. It’s available at Walmart for $25 and includes a bathroom storage system, laundry detergent set, catch-all organizer, and pantry edit. You can mix and match the different types of storage bins in the collection to fit your specific needs.

California Closets’ Bleecker Divided Organizer

The California Closets’ Bleecker Divides Organizer has several features that make it an excellent choice for your closet. The product is available in many different sizes and configurations. The Bleecker does not have lids, which makes it ideal for open shelving. It also has small compartments that are great for small items that can easily get jumbled together.